Board of Directors

Bobby Lee
Board Member

Brock Pierce
Foundation Board Chairman

Michael Perklin
Board Member

Vinny Lingham
Board Member

Francois Pouliot
Board Member

Bruce Fenton
Board Member

Elizabeth McCauley
Board Member

Jody Tief

Llew Claasen
Executive Director


Gavin Andresen
Chief Scientist

Board Elections

Board election details are announced to current members prior to the election date. Nominations, as well as voting for candidates, must be done by current Bitcoin Foundation members.

Board Member Requirements

The role of the Board of Directors is three-fold:

  1. The Board should hire the leadership team, support the leadership team and if necessary, fire the leadership team.
  2. The Board should review goals and financials to ensure that the leadership team is performing in-line with the Foundation’s mission.
  3. The Board should help use their network and contacts to fundraise and make sure the organization is properly resourced and create opportunities for high-level strategic partnerships.


Click here to review the Fondation’s bylaws on Github.


Most business and individual membership dues are received in bitcoin and the majority of foundation assets are held in bitcoin. Employee compensation is established and reported in USD, but disbursed in bitcoin to the employee’s selected bitcoin address. For most of 2013, employee salaries were pegged to a two-month trailing average exchange rate for purposes of converting from USD to BTC, resulting in a higher reportable USD wage. In September 2013, we changed our methodology to avoid future variations. Below are the IRS Form 990 (U.S. Internal Revenue Service – Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax) for fiscal years 2013 and 2012.

2012 IRS 990 Form (pdf)
2013 IRS 990 Form (pdf)
2014 IRS 990 Form (pdf)