By Guest Blogger: David Harding, Volunteer Coordinator and Co-Author of Developer Documentation at

In the last three months, has served over 7 million page views. Two million page views alone went to popular new-user resources such as theGetting Started page and the Choose Your Wallet page. A not-insubstantial 90,000 page views went to the Developer Documentation — and over 4,000 page views went to the new How To Run A Full Node guide within just days of it being launched.

Over 35 percent of the page views were by users from outside the US and UK, where’s translation into 26 different languages allows over half of the world’s literate population to learn about Bitcoin in their native language.

Every substantial change to is submitted for public review and comment, with 439 comments being received this period from about two dozen participants.

And all of this was accomplished with the sustained support of the Bitcoin Foundation and through a team of volunteers coordinated by Saïvann Carignan who has personally made over 1,000 commits during the past two years and has just announced he no longer has time to lead the project. We want to thank Saïvann for his commitment and leadership and wish him all the best!

A search is on for new volunteers who are willing to carry on the work of maintaining and improving this community resource and in the meantime, I am helping with the transition. I know we can do better and do more… if only we had a little help.

A Critical Look At

Do you frown when you open in your browser? Is there something you wished the site did differently? What new pages could be added that would help new users — or even help the more experienced users who don’t yet fully understand Bitcoin?

Before you answer, think about whether you’d be willing to volunteer just a few hours to make those changes. Because what the site needs more than ideas are people willing to contribute the work to see those changes through.

Five Ways To Contribute

Here are five things you may be able to do:

  1. Watch the repository to be notified of issues and pull requests that could use your attention. Alternatively, email me (Dave Harding,[email protected]) with a short list of your interests and skills, and I’ll email you when there’s something that could use your attention.
  2. Help us review wallets that want to be included on the popular “Choose Your Wallet” page. Reviewing a wallet requires a lot of research and testing, but you often get a chance to work directly with the wallet authors to find bugs and suggest improvements.
  3. Write some CSS or Javascript to make the site look the way you think it should. Before you spend too much time writing code, join our mailing listand send us some mock-ups.
  4. Create content, whether it be beautiful new illustrations that explain Bitcoin intuitively, or new technical text for the developer documentation, or a brand new page that helps users learn how to do something like buy their first bitcoins.
  5. Translate into another language using Transifex or help review new and updated translations. Even if all you speak is English, we’re looking for a translation coordinator who can answer translator questions and help process reviews.

If any of the contributions above interest you, the best place to start is by sending an email to me, at [email protected]. You can also post to our mailing list or open an issue on GitHub.

More Accomplishments, And Upcoming Goals

If you’d like to learn more about what the contributors accomplished in the last three months and what our goals are for the next three months, be sure to read the most recent quarterly report (PDF).