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Elections: final candidate list

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As of April 14th 2014, the nominations for the 2014 Board of Directors elections are officially closed. We are pleased to announce that we have received six (6) nominations for individual members and four (4) nominations for industry members. Updates on the election process will be posted on this thread.


Here is the final nomination list:


Individual seat nominees:


David Russel Allen


Jillian Friedman


Michael Patryn


David Rowley


Joshua Wheelwright


Michael Wan Hing Yeung



Industry seat nominees:


BitAccess Inc., represented by Moe Adham


BitSent Inc., represented by Karen Williamson


Morrex Inc., represented by Phillipe Antoine-Plante


Quadriga CX, represented by Gerald Cotten



Candidate profiles will be added as separate discussion topics, on which you can ask questions to the candidates.


Election timeline


Voting is from April 28th to May 5th


Election method


We will use a verifiable online voting system called Helios. If someone that is not a candidate has used Helios before and would like to help in setting up the election platform, please message me at [email protected]


Election rules


Only industry members can nominate and vote for the industry seat and only individual members can nominate and vote for individual seat. You vote for the candidate that you support, and the candidate which receives the highest number of votes will be elected. This means that there will only be one (1) round of voting.

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Hi everyone - I'm thrilled to see so many excellent candidates to be running for director. I'm sure that no matter the outcome - the Bitcoin Foundation Canada's board will be well stocked with bright and hard working people.


I encourage you to reach out to me to talk about my vision for the Foundation and what I can offer.


I will be setting up a page on my blog http://bitcoinlegal.ca to be a place where you can learn more about my candidacy and communicate with me.


Very best,


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David R Allen    318

Welcome Jillian,


I am sure you will find the Bitcoin Foundation forum will offer exciting challenges, for discussion of legal issues in Canada.

We look forward to your contributions.



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Is it possible for nominees who haven’t done it yet to disclose the city where they are living?

Also if you have a LinkedIn or Twitter account, that would be helpful to share it :)


Done and done. I will also be available to meet with members and answer any questions next month at Bitcoin 2014 in Amsterdam.

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A quick update: 30 % of individual members have voted, and 45 % of industry members have voted already. As administrator of the election, I am able to know how many people have voted but I am not able to know in any way for whom they voted.


You have until May 5th to vote.


Please note that access to the voting booth is given by email only. If you haven't received the email, it is possible that there is a typo in your email or that we do not have the right email address. If you have not received the email, please contact me at [email protected] and I will give you access promptly.


Good luck to all the candidates!




May 4th update:


Individual participation: 33 %

Industry participation: 55 %

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