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Manuel Alejandro Flores Rojas

Bitcoin Foundation Mexico? Lie!

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This guys have been like ghost since their foundation on April 2 of 2014


Last Twitt: October 7 2014


Last informational October 10

From October 15 to November 5 only self promotion of the crew main business Pademobile,then they announce their first meetup (this event didn't happened), and then promotion of some videos of bitcoin they sponsor with the last post set on January 6


They website has been down for more than 2 months



They never connected to the bitcoin community from mexico,just with a few and never concluded a thing!


The president is an European, that lives in USA.

Their marketing and communications director is never available.

Their emails are "@pademobile" and contain a Pademobile signing instead of one that represent the foundation

Their main interest,focus, and diffusion work is to make their product known, not helping bitcoin to get into the public

Their main development director was forced to stop doing talks about bitcoin.

Always use any bitcoin event to talk about Pademobile and just that.

Never made any event,helped any Mexican initiative, initiated some new initiative...


And I can go on and on


Is this the kind of people that will represent bitcoin in the world? who elected them? what are the requisites to become a chapter? who regulates this guys? When some one mentions the Bitcoin Foundation Mexico always seems like its a joke, nobody respect it and nobody likes the staff (and all of them are Pademobile people), I think it is better to not have a local foundation that having one like this. Somebody have any directions on how this can be changed?


This are words from one of those few who talked directly with this guys, one who supposedly will be part of the regional chapters and do not know a thing about what this secret society does. It is a shame that whenever I talk with other people about supporting some initiative in Mexico they send us to the "Mexican Foundation" and forget about it because the foundation is supposed to help before any one else..so we come to dead ends and bitcoin do not evolve like it should in Mexico.


It is a shame to come and only talk about bad things but I had to talk for all the Mexican Bitcoin Community to open the eyes to the world that Mexico is being left behind,and this kind of people do not make the problem easier.


Any comments? some guide?

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