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Found 8 results

  1. Leaving the Foundation

    Hello, This is the only place available to post in on the forum for me, so that is why this is here. Please leave it here for the record. I am discontinuing my association with the Foundation as of today. Please refer to my past articles in the forum for my statements on different issues. Please support the Foundation's effort to help Theo Chino's case against the NY bitlicense. The Foundation should be commended for this stance against bitlicense in NY, and the battle against bitlicense should be a global one, waged both with legal advocacy and with technological privacy improvements. The Foundation has opted to discontinue the mandate for an Education Committee recently. A huge challenge for advocates of decentralized systems today is the growing apathy and lack of involvement by new entrants into bitcoin and similar systems. This challenge will continue, as many participants in bitcoin today do not seriously explore how they could more fully contribute, whether in terms of running a full node, helping review or write code for the bitcoin repository, or by advocating against bitlicense in various states and countries where it is introduced (and advocating for or participating in self regulatory organizations and efforts). More people should engage in such efforts and advocacy. The CryptoCurrency Security Standard or CCSS is a great effort and people should support that and ideas like it, and other self-regulatory concepts and approaches. We should also advocate for approaches such as that in Slovenia, where as of 2018, bitcoin is not discriminated against and is treated properly for the most part. Look up "Legality of bitcoin by country or territory," Slovenia's approach is reasonable in stating bitcoin is neither a currency or asset. Which is correct. Even better would be if they discontinued taxes in Slovenia on mining. But generally Slovenia got it right with the above approach. I continue working constantly with bitcoin professionally and also as a hobby (via my voluntary microdonations project). For those similarly involved, please continue your efforts to help future generations. Ok, that's all. Cheers all, ciao.
  2. Colin Gallagher ~ Candidate Thread

    Hello ~ this is a very brief marker and candidate thread for those who have an interest in my candidacy. It is intended to remain open to take any questions about my candidacy. (Please direct questions about election specifics, dates, or technicalities to Election Committee or to Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director.) A reddit thread is not yet open relating to this candidate thread, but will be posted at a later date. I am currently Member and Chairperson of the Bitcoin Foundation Education Committee, Previous (Feb. 2015) and Current (since Dec. 2015) Candidate, Individual Director, Bitcoin Foundation (Campaigning on Choice for the Users, Bitcoin Development, Privacy & Anonymity). Thanks for reading.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm pleased to be running for election to the Bitcoin Foundation Board Seat. This will be my official candidate thread. Please ask any questions and keep an eye out for more information and posts as we continue. Thank you! Bruce
  4. Hi Everyone / Hola a todos! ES: ¿Qué está haciendo la fundación bitcoin para México? ENG: What is doing bitcoin foundation for México? ES: Me encantaría conocer que es lo que están haciendo y si tienen alguna agenda la cual puedan publicar, para estar enterados de sus actividades e involucrarnos. ENG: I'd love to know what they are doing and if they have any agenda, which can be published to be aware of their activities and get involved. Thanks.
  5. Wish List

    Things I would like to see (in a candidates promises AND actions!). - Sorting out better communication - create a communication team, boards, etc. - Creating an Industry Standard (or at least a committee that will create an Industry Standard) - not having this as an exclusive "if you have the money you can join" club. - Global activity (not centered in the US), assisting different countries, getting on with forming the Foundation extensions for each nation, and supporting these. Also assisting different nations/organisations on Bitcoin related difficult matters. - (will edit/add more to this later, things to do) Edit: I expanded this one and posted it here - https://bitcoinfoundation.org/forum/index.php?/topic/792-steps-for-improvement/
  6. It was a mistake to establish this international Foundation in the US. USA is not suitable for international organizations, not anymore. Why Bruce Willis isn't taking part in these elections? Who will lead the mankind to save the world by saving world's reserve currency?
  7. Articles of Incorporation?

    Are the foundations articles of incorporation available to read? If so, where are they located? I have only been able to find the bylaws on github.
  8. Foundation blog

    The Board will be taking turns publishing blog entries about once a week, at: https://bitcoinfoundation.org/blog/ RSS feed: https://bitcoinfound.../blog/?feed=rss Feel free to suggest subjects you'd like us to write about; my first post is a brain-dump on what is happening in core-development-land.