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Found 14 results

  1. Leaving the Foundation

    Hello, This is the only place available to post in on the forum for me, so that is why this is here. Please leave it here for the record. I am discontinuing my association with the Foundation as of today. Please refer to my past articles in the forum for my statements on different issues. Please support the Foundation's effort to help Theo Chino's case against the NY bitlicense. The Foundation should be commended for this stance against bitlicense in NY, and the battle against bitlicense should be a global one, waged both with legal advocacy and with technological privacy improvements. The Foundation has opted to discontinue the mandate for an Education Committee recently. A huge challenge for advocates of decentralized systems today is the growing apathy and lack of involvement by new entrants into bitcoin and similar systems. This challenge will continue, as many participants in bitcoin today do not seriously explore how they could more fully contribute, whether in terms of running a full node, helping review or write code for the bitcoin repository, or by advocating against bitlicense in various states and countries where it is introduced (and advocating for or participating in self regulatory organizations and efforts). More people should engage in such efforts and advocacy. The CryptoCurrency Security Standard or CCSS is a great effort and people should support that and ideas like it, and other self-regulatory concepts and approaches. We should also advocate for approaches such as that in Slovenia, where as of 2018, bitcoin is not discriminated against and is treated properly for the most part. Look up "Legality of bitcoin by country or territory," Slovenia's approach is reasonable in stating bitcoin is neither a currency or asset. Which is correct. Even better would be if they discontinued taxes in Slovenia on mining. But generally Slovenia got it right with the above approach. I continue working constantly with bitcoin professionally and also as a hobby (via my voluntary microdonations project). For those similarly involved, please continue your efforts to help future generations. Ok, that's all. Cheers all, ciao.
  2. Hello, The pundits of the underground hacker culture who do have a show on 99.5 FM in New York invited a real lawyer to explain my case on the Radio. He think we have a leg to stand up. https://soundcloud.c...16/off-the-hook I am trying to get the ex French cabinet member deputy of digital affair to listen to the show. To help me raise the awareness, could you retweet my tweet to her ? https://twitter.com/TheoBitcoin/status/847832105786765317 The lawyer is Alex Urbelis, and according to his bio, he has done a lot in the Internet and he is from New York. http://blackstone-la...ander-j-urbelis Regards, Theo Chino http://www.article78againstNYDFS.com 2600: The Hacker Quarterly is an American seasonal publication of technical information and articles, many of which are written and submitted by the readership, on a variety of subjects including hacking, telephone switching systems, Internet protocols and services, as well as general news concerning the computer "underground". With origins in the phreaking community and late 20th century counterculture, 2600 and its associated conference transitioned to coverage of modern hacker culture, and the magazine has become a platform for speaking out against increased digital surveillance and advocacy of personal and digital freedoms. - https://en.wikipedia...acker_Quarterly
  3. Hello Everyone, Anyone that lives in New York City is invited to come to the court house and support the team that will present the case for the end of the bitcoin. All the information is on the meetup from the tweet (you can retweet as well): https://twitter.com/A78gnstNYDFS/status/836954680102113281 The case was filed in October 2015 and after a long back and forth, the date for round one has finally arrived. Let me know you are coming by singing in at the meetup page on the after RT the tweet. Regards, Theo Chino Plaintiff in the Civil Case "Theo Chino against the New York Department of Financial Services."
  4. Please find attached the video of the lawyer I retained explaining the lawsuit to invalidate the Bitlicense. As he said, there will be a Winner and a Looser. http://www.article78....com/video.html Theo Chino Please share the video and help raise the fund necessary to take it all the way to the end. 1EW7ESwvS3yGesSbP8G5ULsHYmy5pykeCG QR Code here : https://blockchain.i...5ULsHYmy5pykeCG
  5. Folks, The New York bitlicense can be defeated. The fight is certainly not over in New York. It can be defeated. If you have a reddit account, I would appriciate an UpVote and good comments. I am looking to raise some money to pay for a lawyer. lease help me with 0.0167 XBT or whatever you feel at : 1EW7ESwvS3yGesSbP8G5ULsHYmy5pykeCG Each Satochi help ... I will be posting more information here: http://www.article78againstnydfs.com In short, if I win, the BitLicense will be no more in the State of New York. Regards, Theo Chino
  6. Folks, Please donate to help me raise the $20 000 to pay a real lawyer to take this one home. I put the foot on the door but a real lawyer is the one that can take it all the way. https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/legal-representation-against-the-ny-dfs/x/14195290 Or in Bitcoin: 1EW7ESwvS3yGesSbP8G5ULsHYmy5pykeCG Anything help ! $5, $10, $20, $100. Regards, Theo Chino
  7. Hello, Find attached the response of the State of New York regarding the lawsuit. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p6dbxos5y7iwxag/AADNEd6m0S3wMgNHrPqmaoxma Regards, Theo Chino
  8. Hello, I just submitted the document to the NYState AAG but I believe I missed the deadline; I should have submitted it 7 days ago per the convoluted New York State regulations. I requested another 15 days postponement but it's up to the judge. If it get tossed out, I'll start again, and this time I will sue the State of New York and incorporate the arguments I put in the Affidavit of Opposition. The interesting document I wrote is document #15. http://article78againstnydfs.com/Lawsuit Theo Learning the law as I go along. It feels like programming; compile, test, run, error, fix, compile ... file, present, get tossed out, fix, file, ... https://twitter.com/A78gnstNYDSF
  9. Today, the EFF launched an action to oppose Bitlicense. Take part in the EFF's action, and thank them for opposing the madness. A portion of my remarks to NYDFS (using EFF's handy tool) are shown below: "If it is the objective of New York to be left behind ~ in essence, to become a financial dinosaur ~ so be it. We will all move forward without you." My previous remarks sent to Ben Lawsky via Reddit were incorporated into my comment today as well. Forward, Colin
  10. The New York Division of Financial Services (DFS) has released a proposed draft of the "BitLicense" regulations that would apply to businesses engaged in "Virtual Currency Business Activity" affecting customers in the state of New York: Press Release: http://www.dfs.ny.gov/about/press2014/pr1407171.html Proposal [PDF] http://www.dfs.ny.go...r1407171-vc.pdf The document has been posted for a 45 day period of public comment, starting on July 23. This thread is open for discussion on the above proposal.
  11. Just and FYI. Started the process : http://www.article78...dfs.com/Lawsuit I am not a lawyer but I hope to pour enough sugar in the gaz tank. Follow my Article 78 tweet : https://twitter.com/A78gnstNYDSF At least just follow the tweeter account if nothing else. This will show that there is a support base not to be messed around.
  12. I just finished reading the DFS proposal and it does look bad. My business deal with micro payments, and this is clearly overburden by this proposal. The idea of the BitLicence is good, but it need to be tiered accordingly depending on the resources and the risks of the licensee. I have started contacting my State Assemblyman and my State Senator (http://www.nysenate.gov & http://assembly.state.ny.us.) I was wondering who are the New Yorkers on this Forum and whether they will contact their state legislators. Are people going to prepare a response ? Regards, Theo Chino
  13. I just put this Reddit together to Brainstorm : http://www.reddit.com/r/Art78Brainstorm It is a place where "non legal" can just throw ideas to see if that can be turned into a legal argument. During Brainstorming, there is no wrong ideas; if you thing Lawsky should not regulate because it is against the Freedom of Religion because you worship money; just put it up there. If you can elaborate the reasoning, bonus points.
  14. Regarding "Bitlicense"

    Regarding "bitlicense" proposals, now under consideration in New York and other states burdened by addled corporation-state ("governmental") organizations which carry on under the mantle of antiquity, I suggest that miners (and everyone else) ignore the pleas and whinings of the "legislatures," and carry on. We are building a new future, and the nation-state will eventually dwindle as a result. Attempts at licensing will eventually be fended off by advances in technology. Carry on, folks.