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    I am also Op/Ed and Tech contributor at Forbes Magazine, American Banker, and CoinDesk.
  1. A Very Brief Thank-You

    Colin, what is the current status of this as far as you know? Is there anything I can assist you with if it needs to be pushed up the priority ladder or have you been satisfied? I believe that it is still an open issue.
  2. Any update on the status of grant applications?

    Colin, each grant applicant can certainly make their proposal public if they knew that others were interested in seeing it be made public. In fact, I think that they would appreciate the exposure for their project! Our grant selection chairman, Andrew Miller, may be able to assist in that regard if you ask him.
  3. International Bitcoin Foundation Elections

    Hi David, There is a board meeting for Monday, November 17th (12 noon EST) and the BOD will make a final determination on nomination timing and announcement of dates. There are a total of three (3) seats up for election: 2 individual class seats and one seat reserved for international affiliates.
  4. Best wishes to Jon Matonis and Patrick Murck!

    Thanks Bruce. Keep up the public speaking!
  5. Open Letter to Bitcoin Businesses: Why I'm closing my accounts

    Thank you for your post, Colin. Also, thank you for pointing out the use of a warrant canary, which will become increasingly important in the days ahead.
  6. Thanks Zooko and David. I don't remember joining this organization, but they also do not have a functioning contact link. I'm looking into it now. --Jon
  7. Nice work Jon Matonis

    Thanks David!
  8. What should Founding Members voting privileges be?

    If the founding member voting rights are going to be altered at all, two proposals that I could endorse are: 1. International affiliate chapters would nominate and elect someone from an existing nonprofit affiliate board to represent them on the Bitcoin Foundation board (as international affiliate chapters become a larger part of the overall foundation, this number could be increased over time); 2. The existing board would nominate, vet, and appoint anyone from the private or public sector to serve on the Bitcoin Foundation board (this could give rise to superstar appointments from outside the traditional bitcoin community).
  9. Blockchain.info is the New Platimum Member of the Foundation

    BitcoinStore and Blockchain.info are both majority-owned by Roger Ver. When BitcoinStore platinum membership expires, Roger indicated he may want the new platinum membership to be with Blockchain. We were testing logos and sizes on our membership web site, but that was premature because final decision for BitcoinStore will be made in April 2014. Thanks,
  10. Communication from the Foundation

    Matt, We can definitely make better use of our forums. However, if members follow our Blog posts and Twitter feed, the majority of Foundation updates are already included there. If someone from the member forums could maintain a sub-forum of additonal external news about the Foundation, that would also be an excellent source of discussion. Please let one of us know if a member is interested in maintaining a news/press subforum. Thank you for the feedback.
  11. I have just read this thread for the first time and I appreciate all of the intelligent and well thought out observations. An open discussion in this forum is very valuable as the Board of Directors represents the foundation members. It is a difficult issue and obviously I am not going to comment on Mark Karpeles' specific status other than to say I don't really believe that we as a Board should be driven by random petitions that don't even come from the members of the Bitcoin Foundation. We need a more deliberate thought process than that. These forums are now open to the general public (who have been reading the debate here) and this is the proper forum to have this discussion. I, along with other board members, will be reading these forum posts. Thank you.
  12. Notice of Change in Forum Viewing Settings

    Excellent article post from the EFF. I agree 100%. The flipside to anonymity on a forum is flame wars and trolls, which was not the purpose of the foundation forum. For anonymity of posts related to bitcoin, there is BitcoinTalk.org which can be accessed over Tor and/or VPNs.
  13. Notice of Change in Forum Viewing Settings

    As a reminder to all on this thread, most members of the Board routinely read the board meeting agenda requests, which are consolidated here: https://bitcoinfound...genda-requests/ By the way, there was a good transparency discussion listed there as well from 2013.
  14. Notice of Change in Forum Viewing Settings

    David, Per your request, this should be corrected now. Thank you.
  15. Notice of Change in Forum Viewing Settings

    Tyler, I am sorry to hear of your decision but I understand. Your name is already listed here on the membership page. Please follow up with us via email to delete that listing. All of your forum posts can be deleted manually by the author.