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  1. Hiring Consultant

    A friend who runs an alt coin reached out to me today. He needs someone to do some forensic work to see if/how they have been attacked. If someone can help, please provide BTC wallet address and hourly rate. If you prefer I can post this on odesk to avoid any trust issues. Note , they will need ongoing support so this will be an ongoing gig. Also, as part of the project they are looking to fair launch an ASIC resistant chain immediately. The new alt chain would protect the legacy chain's coin holders and NOT reward the attacker. PM me and I will provide contact info... Thanks
  2. Vice-Chairman of the Foundation arrested on money laundering charges

    Damage control may warrant returning Mr. Shrem his coin contribution to the BF or should we make an exception (just this time) and keep his "tainted" coins?
  3. Thai central bank rules Bitcoin to be illegal

    I hope this is reversed... I would hate to boycott half the menu at my favorite Sushi Thai restaurants. Seriously though, this just creates an opportunity for rebuttal, a chance for the Thai government to review the decision and ultimate reversal. In the meantime the Thai will take a back seat on the adoption curve.
  4. Can and/or should the BF engage in bringing price stability to BTC

    Charles, it's talk like that, that will make a difference, rattle the status quo cage and get you ex communicated (stripped of your coins and sent packing)... Bless You!
  5. Can and/or should the BF engage in bringing price stability to BTC

    IMHO, stability is essential for BTC to serve as a safe remittance and commerce currency. Wild swings will only feed the day trading, troll box crowd and does nothing for investors or merchants. Without merchants BTC is of no use to any of us.
  6. This arabic maxim comes to mind today, "Better 100 years of tyranny than 1 day of chaos". Not often, but some days I see the appeal. Question: Can the BF promote policies and ventures that bring price stability to BTC? Should we even attempt to do so? the purest among us might see this as tampering with free markets, BTC being arguably the most free. Would this lead to a slippery slope, gateway to endless regulation, ultimately destroying Satoshi's beautiful creation. Or, would failing to intervene make us complicit in what amounts to child abandonment. Are we dammed if we do and possibly if we don't. No panic here, just a humble concerned citizen. Cheers
  7. Winkelvoss Plans IPO for Bitcoin Trading Stock

    Just speculation, but could this be part of a cloaked exit strategy? curious how BTC reacted to the news once it settled in.
  8. Is the membership fee too high now?

    Too high too low? just wait a couple hours it will change.
  9. ASIC MINERS (Processors) and the environment

    Synergy is the big play here... Bikram Hot Yoga Miners ! It's good and good for you..
  10. Cease and Desist

    Jon, I agree... The focus should be the problem at hand, not the foundations disregard for its members. I will take my discontent elsewhere. Thank you for breaking the story and your continued contribution to the community. We need more like you on the board.
  11. Cease and Desist

    BF thanks so much... once again you've shown your true colors. A few weeks ago when, a closed door mediation would have served community interest, the board aired its laundry in court. When an alert is called for, we are left in the dark. Next time, I have a few coins burning a hole in my pocket, I'll send them directly to Gavin and/or fund one of the many worthy community coin projects.
  12. Anyone interested in running an exchange?

    I'd like to know more... What is the best way to reach you? At our June Miami International Meetup we were hosted by the MEC261 incubator . Several bona fide angel investors, curious merchants, 2 Live startup presenters and at least 1 fed lawyer (incognito) were among the 40+ attendees. I'd love to conference you in to our July meeting for a 20 minute presentation. Let me know.. btw Don't be discouraged by the competition in the exchange space, many start a marathon.
  13. Ripple

    I've got 1,000 XRP burning a hole in my pocket... I thought I would try kicking the tires again... If anyone needs a little Ripple let me know.
  14. Is Anyone Here Working on a P2P Exchange?

    Charles, I agree, Ripple is an incremental step towards decentralization... But, like you I'm not ready to throw in the towel.. Have you researched the work done by Chris Odom (“Fellow Traveler”) on "Open Transactions" https://github.com/F...ansactions/wiki Using a federation of servers without the need for trust, is one step closer than Ripple's central trust based solution. Like they say, "democracy is like sex when it's no good it is still pretty good"
  15. Breaking Good News ? anyone?

    I don't get it either. The problems/events of yesterday run far deeper. First- I'm not blaming mtGox, I'm pointing out the obvious. You don't run any system with single points of failure and hope for the best. Second- I agree less liquid exchanges stayed up (mostly). But had we load balanced our trades we'd not seen a 12 hour outage that drove the noobs into a panic and confidence down. Third- I agree the concept of decentralized exchanges is new and has its challenges, but who would of thought a p2p currency would go viral. Ultimately I'm convinced the more peers we introduce into mission critical functions, the more stable the system.