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  1. The bitcoin lottery

    Hi David Strayhorn ! Thanks for your comment. Thats imposible. Because you can see how much times ran the winners assignation for example: Last raffle: http://satoshiraffle.com/hall-of-fame/3-OCT31/ The data is number 2 in a series belonging to RANDOM.ORG. The series is identified by the following string I fixed it right after the first game , because I noticed that was possible and people would think the same as you Regards and good luck ! Cesar
  2. The bitcoin lottery

    September 15th winners ! SatoshiRaffle.com 1st place won 19ZRRQSYfJmvGN4gSTaUqkW8RNMSRyP9Bo Prize: 0.08406001 BTC | $33.68 USD 2nd place won 1DxXANrQ1LmqXkKnFyGq37ag7iTopTcrcH Prize: 0.02802000 BTC | $11.23 USD 3th place won 168ALf8Y8vgNUJ9fzriTTxzjxqnznh5JWE Prize: 0.02521800 BTC | $10.1 USD Thanks for playing and good luck!
  3. The bitcoin lottery

    IMPORTANT: ** Prizes were changed from 60% 20% 15% to 60% 20% 18% http://satoshiraffle.com/ Is the bitcoin lottery. There are 3 winning places, if you are one of them the funds will be sent to the address who bought the winner ticket. Once the countdown goes to 0. The prizes will randomly choose and will send to the 1st, 2th and 3th place the 60%, 20% and 18% of the collected funds respectively. The prizes selection is assign by random.org and you will be able to validate the results with the signature generated by their system. I hope you guys like it and good luck! Mr. Ébola
  4. The bitcoin lottery

    Hi everyone, The Bitcoin Lottery ran successfully. Delivered awards of: 1st place: 0.1999 BTC / $ 75.26 USD 2nd place: 0.0697 BTC / $ 26.24 USD 3th place: 0.0498 BTC / $ 18.75 USD Today September 30th 2014 the bitcoin lottery is waiting for new bets. The game will run every 15 days and has 3 prizes: 1st, 2th and 3th place, sending the 60%, 20% and 15% of the collected funds respectively. The game is provably fair by using an external API from random.org and publishing the digital signature provided by the same website, random.org select the prizes by generating randomnes from athmosphere noise, you can see the last winners and how they were selected here: http://pew.bz/qS To play, go to: http://satoshiraffle.com Best of lucks!
  5. New Members - Introduce Yourselves Here!

    Hey Guys , My name is Cesar G. more known as Mr.Ébola (@mrebola) , I'm a full time entrepreneur creating bitcoin projects and encouraging the realization of Bitcoin events in Latin American. Some of my projects are: The bitcoin Lottery: satoshiraffle.com Bitcoin calculator for Pesos MXN: bitapeso.com with Iphone and android app Bitcoin calculator for EUR: bitaeuro.com Bitcoin educational website for LATAM: proyectobitcoin.com If you what to know more about me , please visit www.cesar.sx I'm always here to help. Cesar G. Nice to meet everyone.
  6. Hi Everyone / Hola a todos! ES: ¿Qué está haciendo la fundación bitcoin para México? ENG: What is doing bitcoin foundation for México? ES: Me encantaría conocer que es lo que están haciendo y si tienen alguna agenda la cual puedan publicar, para estar enterados de sus actividades e involucrarnos. ENG: I'd love to know what they are doing and if they have any agenda, which can be published to be aware of their activities and get involved. Thanks.
  7. The bitcoin lottery

    The system will post the three winners with a signature generated by random.org so you guys can see and be sure random.org did the job. http://satoshiraffle.com/hall-of-fame/ All your suggestions and comments are welcome because that makes me make satoshiraffle.com something reliable. Thanks Mr.Ebola
  8. The bitcoin lottery

    Thanks for the info, Samuele Manfrin. I'll try to do something like that. For now let me tell you guys, how is it going with the raffle. Only 8 days left for the bitcoin lottery, www.satoshiraffle.com It has a raffle pot: of 0.2299 BTC / $92.57 USD , and has sold 22 Tickets until now. I'm happy to see people is reacting good with the system All comments are well recieved.
  9. The bitcoin lottery

    Hi Brad Wheeler, thanks for your answer. Yes the prizes are distributed to 3 randomly chosen addresses that funded the raffle pot. And I'm about to push that part of the code to my github account. I believe the only way to make this more transparent, its to let people post in the platform that they won by creating profiles, on the other hand that would remove anonymity. I'm open to suggestions and better ideas. Regards! Cesar G. www.cesar.sx
  10. The bitcoin lottery

    Hi Everyone! I'm more than glad to show you this small project I'm working on. It’s the http://satoshiraffle.com/ A website for the Bitcoin Lottery, Once the countdown goes to 0. The Satoshi's phantom will randomly choose the 1st, 2th and 3th place, sending the 60%, 15% and 5% of the collected funds respectively. I’m looking for your feedback and also if someone have a way we can promote the website. Regards, Mr.Ebola
  11. Bitcoin Vive en México

    I'm a Mexican entrepreneur , check this out to know a little bit more about me -> www.cesar.sx Keep it up with the good stuff !