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    Beside Bitcoins. Telecommunications, Electronics, coding. I produce and create electronic music as relaxation.
  1. Bitcoin Vive en México

    Viva Mexico [email protected]#$ al mejor estilo Molotov
  2. Feedback required for Bitcoin experience website

    Hey Sebas nice mate. I liked the address definition
  3. News and Information

    Barcamp experience that took place down in sydney. https://blog.coinjar.com/2014/03/21/bitcoin-barcamp-2014/
  4. Education Committee Chair Transition

    All the Best and thank you Elizabeth.
  5. News and Information

    Hi Down Under, I'm going to update this topic with info or news that worthwhile to share. And please anybody who finds anything important share it too. Here the one I just read at the kitchen of my workplace: Financial Review 28-03-2014 (03-28-2014) I have highlighted two sentences in the attached photo: 1. The article mention that bticoin does not meet the following function for being a currency: My brief analysis: bitcoin is deflationary... I believe this is an issue of inflationary money. What I bought two years ago, now it cost a bit more in developed countries... if we talk about developing countries.... like Venezuela. If you buy a car today, the next month will cost 10% more. So, it is fiat money real currency? they do not meet this characteristics 2. My brief analysis:I do agree with it. But it is a natural consequence of not being mainstream Yet. cheers.
  6. Roubini on Bitcoin

    still with the ponzi scheme theory...
  7. Hello from Coinkite

    Hi Rodolfo, Saw one of your payment terminal few weeks back on a meetup here at brisbane... very good keep the good work with your product.
  8. So, where is everyone from Australia?

    hilarious http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8248056.stm
  9. A message from (part of) the Board of BAA

    Hey Max, From Brissie here. I would like to help.... So basically, that's good that you showed up around here. I would like to contribute, as I sent you an email few... few... weeks ago Can you add me to that list please. Currently, I being involved with the Foundation Education committee, there are very good project planned. Here @ Brisbane there's a meetup called Bitcoin Brisbane, actually yesterday we had the third meetup of the year and Lucas talked about How Bitcoin Works and the math behind it. And showed us the First Brisbane BTM by Lamassu. Location TBA. I'm also plannig to distribute some BM for next meetup if possible. So please by all means count on me. Cheers.
  10. Don't agree at all Ryan. Few words that's all. I love democracy and love to live amongst people with different opinions and points of view. And this is why the world improves itself. improves by consequences. However, calling for resurrection due to blind anger or just to call the attention for yourself. I don't buy that mate. there are ways to suggest and recommend improvements... and there are smart ways to criticise something, and destroying isn't one of those ways. BTW, If you're the TBI blogger... great work mate! I read it all the time Sincerely yours, Cesar. Annual member, normal bitcoin user, still learning and teaching as I learn.
  11. Satoshi Nakamoto - alive, 64 years old, currently living in California

    Interview to Leah Goodman
  12. where can i download my member badge?

    Welcome mate, How about here: https://bitcoinfoundation.org/forum/index.php?/topic/52-download-your-member-badge/
  13. Satoshi Nakamoto - alive, 64 years old, currently living in California

    If this person is or is not!!!! he has no private life anymore! Good article and investigation from newsweek, but completely exposed the person.
  14. Hilarious and smart Bitcoin videos

    Worthwhile to watch funny and smart. Part 1 Part 2
  15. Austrac tracking AUD/Bitcoin conversions

    Thanks Dan, yes every regulator body is aiming to the same. cheers.