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  1. http://www.meetup.co...ents/186621902/ When: Friday June 6th @ 12:00 - Sunday June 8th @ 21:00 Where: Bitcoin Embassy @ 3485 Blvd St Laurent in Montreal.
  2. Bitcoin Block @ Car Free Day in Vancouver

  3. Bitcoin Block @ Car Free Day in Vancouver

    The Bitcoin Cooperative in Vancouver has reserved a full block on Main Street (100k+ visitors) for Car Free Day (250k+ visitors), to be taking place next weekend. This block is reserved for Bitcoin related businesses and foundations, and by pre booking the entire block, the cost per table has been reduced to $250 for invited guests. If there are any Foundation members who would be interested in running such a booth on behalf of the Foundation, or if you know of any additional merchants who may be interested (few spots remaining), please contact me ASAP. The Meetup for the event is here: http://www.meetup.co...ents/186252112/ http://xbtblockparty.eventbrite.ca We could also distribute some of the remaining flyers which were handed out during Gran Prix? Thank you.
  4. Bitcoin Foundation Canada reps. in Amsterdam

    See you there.
  5. Industry Candidate: Philippe-Antoine Plante (Morrex Inc.)

    Please elaborate regarding this? I don't quite understand what you mean by "managing registration process with federal legislators"?
  6. Industry Candidate: Philippe-Antoine Plante (Morrex Inc.)

    ...your rival is also bilingual. I'm looking for comparisons which would lead members to vote for one over another. You're both bilingual exchange owners. What else? Do you have any additional background experience which could be relevant? I appreciate your taking the time to answer these questions.
  7. Industry Candidate: Philippe-Antoine Plante (Morrex Inc.)

    Please re-read my question. I asked what would make you a *more* effective Director. You are 22 years of age. Your job experience seems to be three years working at Best Buy, followed by over a year creating an exchange which has a volume of under 1 coin per week, and you apparently belong to no Bitcoin community organizations. I question why you feel qualified, *more qualified* than your rivals, for this position?
  8. Industry Candidate: Philippe-Antoine Plante (Morrex Inc.)

    My mistake. So the Embassy is the BFC Headquarters location, but not part of the Foundation? How does that work? Landlord/leasee?
  9. Industry Candidate: Philippe-Antoine Plante (Morrex Inc.)

    The Bitcoin Embassy is actually part of the Bitcoin Foundation, and your rival for this position is a director at the Bitcoin Co-Operative. What unique qualities and traits do you feel would make you be a more effective Director?
  10. Individual candidate: David Russell Allen

    David, It was great meeting with you this afternoon, and hearing a bit more about your contributions to and goals for our community. I look forward to working with you in the future, and wish you the best of luck with all endeavours. Unfortunately, you *just* missed Mike Yeung, another Individual candidate.
  11. Elections: final candidate list

    Done and done. I will also be available to meet with members and answer any questions next month at Bitcoin 2014 in Amsterdam.
  12. Industry Candidate: Philippe-Antoine Plante (Morrex Inc.)

    Philippe, What did Morrex Inc do between January 2013 and January 2014? Is your service exclusive to Quebeccers?
  13. Individual candidate: Michael Patryn

    I reside and mostly do business in Vancouver. I also frequently travel to both Toronto and Montreal (4-6 trips annually) so would have no trouble attending many meets at the Embassy. My linkedin profile may be viewed at: LinkedIn.com/in/Patryn Please feel free to ask any other questions or concerns which you may have. Thank you.
  14. Individual candidate: Michael Patryn

    I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions which you may have. Please note that Bitcoin Co-Op Hangout meetings in Vancouver are now open to the public. They are held at the QuadrigaCX offices, and I welcome the opportunity to meet with any of you who are able to attend.