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  1. Anyone going to these events ?

    Hello I leave tomorrow for Phoenix where I will stop by Florence Penitential to visit Morpheus aka Thomas Costanzo, the Bitcoiner arested for trading a lot on LocalBitcoin.com, Then to Las Vegas where I will spend time at Def Con, then Silicon Valley for the Fintech Week Silicon Valley 2017. If you are at any of those event, email me at [email protected] or send me a text at +1.718.701.0140 Theo Chino article78againstNYDFS.com Please donate: https://bitcoinfoundation.org/bitlicense-theo-chino/
  2. Thanks Collins for that article .... It seems that the last 4 month went like crazy. Well, the fight from ULC just took a new turn ..... I just sent about 8'000 emails to elected officials telling them that the ULC regulations were bad. Did you read this post from Coincenter ? https://coincenter.org/entry/the-ulc-s-model-act-for-digital-currency-businesses-has-passed-here-s-why-it-s-good-for-bitcoin The ULC never take on a contentious issue such as Bitcoin; and my lawyer sent a letter about it. If you read the interpretation. I think we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves as the Bitcoin foundation. Theo Chino http://www.article78againstNYDFS.com/advocacy.php
  3. Hello, Would the Canadian Bitcoin foundation organize of fundraiser to defeat the NY Bitlicense that is used as a model around the world and help organize other around the world with a Non US perspective of why the fight in NY is important for all Virtual C everywhere ? Thanks. Theo http://www.article78againstnydfs.com
  4. Elections 2017

    I have not seen any notice for the 2017 elections .....
  5. All the case documents including the transcript of the hearing in Justice Billings are posted on the website. http://www.article78againstnydfs.com/raw.php
  6. Cause of Forum FAIL

    These debates are all political and some people have aversion to politics but also the history that we experienced in the last 9 years. History can't be changed and there are those of us who left to "redeem" themselves from the history. I turn my head toward Coin Center mission statement: https://coincenter.org/about "promote a regulatory climate" For two years we have seen what the regulatory climate look like. It's literally a clusterf*** ! So the forum failed because of the "Oil Snake" peddled by those that used to be in the foundation and left to cleanse themselves of the supposed sins of this foundation. Mark Karpel├Ęs, Charlie Shrem, Roger Ver, etc ... are part of the Bitcoin history. They might have done stupid thing or they were not able to manage something bigger than themselves for lack for training doesn't mean that the whole foundation need to be spat on. The foundation is not dead.
  7. Hello, The pundits of the underground hacker culture who do have a show on 99.5 FM in New York invited a real lawyer to explain my case on the Radio. He think we have a leg to stand up. https://soundcloud.c...16/off-the-hook I am trying to get the ex French cabinet member deputy of digital affair to listen to the show. To help me raise the awareness, could you retweet my tweet to her ? https://twitter.com/TheoBitcoin/status/847832105786765317 The lawyer is Alex Urbelis, and according to his bio, he has done a lot in the Internet and he is from New York. http://blackstone-la...ander-j-urbelis Regards, Theo Chino http://www.article78againstNYDFS.com 2600: The Hacker Quarterly is an American seasonal publication of technical information and articles, many of which are written and submitted by the readership, on a variety of subjects including hacking, telephone switching systems, Internet protocols and services, as well as general news concerning the computer "underground". With origins in the phreaking community and late 20th century counterculture, 2600 and its associated conference transitioned to coverage of modern hacker culture, and the magazine has become a platform for speaking out against increased digital surveillance and advocacy of personal and digital freedoms. - https://en.wikipedia...acker_Quarterly
  8. This is a Private Key

    This is a private key ....
  9. When is the next elections ?

    But when will be the next one ?
  10. Hello Everyone, Anyone that lives in New York City is invited to come to the court house and support the team that will present the case for the end of the bitcoin. All the information is on the meetup from the tweet (you can retweet as well): https://twitter.com/A78gnstNYDFS/status/836954680102113281 The case was filed in October 2015 and after a long back and forth, the date for round one has finally arrived. Let me know you are coming by singing in at the meetup page on the after RT the tweet. Regards, Theo Chino Plaintiff in the Civil Case "Theo Chino against the New York Department of Financial Services."
  11. When is the next elections ?

    Yes, the democratic process is that; election and messy. So far I have been fighting the NYS regulator and that should be the foundation's job. I am left with my pants hanging. At BTCMiami I dialogued with Bruce Fenton (who was on stag) and who billed himself as the Foundation Director in the program. I send two email to Llewd and I have not heard anything. I think elections are due.
  12. When is the next elections ?

    When is the next election ? Regards, Theo Chino article78againstNYDFS.com
  13. Please find attached the video of the lawyer I retained explaining the lawsuit to invalidate the Bitlicense. As he said, there will be a Winner and a Looser. http://www.article78....com/video.html Theo Chino Please share the video and help raise the fund necessary to take it all the way to the end. 1EW7ESwvS3yGesSbP8G5ULsHYmy5pykeCG QR Code here : https://blockchain.i...5ULsHYmy5pykeCG
  14. Article in CoinDesk yesterday

    Good Morning, This article came out yesterday on CoinDesk about my fight with the NYDFS over the bitlicense. http://www.coindesk....lation-wages-on Our response to the state: http://www.article78againstnydfs.com/docs/Index-101880-15/03-ResponseToStateMotion/ If you want to give a small hand in the fight: https://blockchain.i...5ULsHYmy5pykeCG Or the traditional way: https://igg.me/at/m9LOGa39N7U Ask any question, I'll answer it. Regards Theo Chino @TheoBitcoin
  15. Dear Friends, For those who have been following the story of my lawsuit against the NYDFS (Ben Lawsky); I am pushing for the definition of what Bitcoin (or the like is/are.) And No, it's not a Currency or Money .... and what confuses people is the Satoshi paper's title "Electronic Cash System." Writing an answer to the state of New York, the definition of Bitcoin needed to happen and it took a lot of soul searching. Let make it clear; it's not because I am advocating that Bitcoin is not Money or a Currency that Bitcoin should not be adopted. Bitcoin is a Commodity just like Oranges or Gold. From all the studies I have done during the past 2 years (looking at the code and soul searching), I came to the simple conclusion that what makes a Currency or Money is the ability for its creator to defend it from abuse for its users and to decide whether or not it as value. For the US Dollars, the ability for the US to wage war against anyone in the world. For Starbucks, the ability for a Barista to refuse service to anyone that doesn't hand correct code. At any time the US decides that the Dollars will not be recognized, the US Dollars will cease to exist. The moment Starbucks decides not to honor their points code system, they will cease to exist. An Orange or a bitcoin, will never cease to exist regardless of what its creator does/want, etc as long as it's user see a value in it regardless of the ability of the creator to defend or forbid it. What make Bitcoin revolutionary is the fact that we (we as humanity not we as the man or the team behind Satochi) created a commodity from thin air and that it can be bartered as fast a currency; and divided as easy as currency. When I read Marco Santori's blog on Coincenter, it pisses me off because the argument is right but they are tiptoeing around the reality of what bitcoin is. http://coincenter.or...-does-it-matter Bitcoin is not Money ..... We'll see what a New York Judge says shortly. Theo Chino, New York https://twitter.com/A78gnstNYDFS