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  1. NickelBot - Cryptocurrency Platform

    Nice Job! Thanks and the bitcoin is on its way!
  2. Wow. Bruce Fenton is off selling Bitcoin Core.... And this place is empty.
  3. You should be able to download the MP3 here. https://www.dropbox....Pierce.mp3?dl=0
  4. What a reasonable approach, Colin. I am going to send a copy of your post above to Brock Pierce, who as the Chair should be aware of your efforts. Along with the request for an updated list of members in both categories. (If not WHO then at least HOW MANY).
  5. Great, Colin. Let us know if there is some way we can help.
  6. I really wish Brock had the guts to speak to the membership they way he speaks to a podcaster.
  7. Colin let me give you the respect you deserve and address your comments directly and honestly. There is not an accurate membership list. 1.) According to The Bitcoin Foundation there may be members that fall into one of three groups. A.) COMPANY (or Corporate) Membership - There are 96 Listed on the front page. We do not know how many are paid up members, but we do know that this is the preferred membership type with $1000 to $25,000 membership fees. Even 50 at $1000 each would mean an operating budget of $50,000 pa B.) INDIVIDUAL - Lifetime 486 - These people have paid but their funds up were used in the past 2 years, except for any new LIFETIME members. How many NEW LIFETIME Members would be relevant to understand the makeup of the membership, and reasons why they would want to continue as part of a trade organization could be more easily understood if they were active. C.) INDIVIDUAL - Annual 473 - At $25 each this alone would give you $11,825 pa, but we know this information is incorrect because we all know people listed who are no longer members. You are being ignored, probably because you do not represent a business and you have not done the kind of work the new board wants done. We are all waiting for the new plan.... OR we we have slipped off to other pastures to do real work.
  8. Colin, I recommend you listen to the interview with Brock Pierce on The Bitcoin Game on the LTB network. (Link posted elsewhere). I truly believe it explains what is going on, and rather than something sinister, it is an explanation that the Bitcoin Foundation has pivoted to what it was always intended to be... A Trade Organization for businesses to maximize their exposure while promoting Bitcoin. The real development work is now being done by BitcoinClassic.com and the variations on Core elsewhere. There is no political discussion here, and you, as an individual, carry no weight in these discussions. These are presented as facts, not opinion. Businesses that I am involved in would need to know more about the plans before considering a corporate memebrship, and I was granted a lifetime individual memebrship because I am old
  9. I am not sure where all the discussion is taking place but there is now a clear path forward, thanks to the public statement made by Chair, Brock Pierce. In a recent interview Brock has made it clear the Bitcoin Foundation is now a Trade organization and all board seats are for Industry Leaders. This explains why Jim and Olivier were not able to work with the current board. They were not made aware of the change. q1. How many Industry Members now exist in the Bitcoin Foundation? q2. Are the individual memberships that exist able to be converted to Industry memberships, now that the Trade Organization is no longer serving individual members? Thanks
  10. Close the foundation?

    The Bitcoin Game #32: Brock Pierce Published on January 15th, 2016 by Rob Hello, welcome to episode 32 of The Bitcoin Game. I'm Rob Mitchell. Today's interview is with Brock Pierce, chairman of the board of The Bitcoin Foundation, and a highly-accomplished VC in digital currency. Brock got involved in digital token entrepreneurship at a very young age, with a focus on gaming, an activity he excelled at. As he reached his mid-twenties, Brock's companies were doing $100,000,000 in business. By the time Bitcoin was released, Brock had become a veteran in the business of digital currency. Brock was primed to recognize the innovation that Bitcoin introduced, and he quickly became one of the most involved venture capitalists in the Bitcoin space. The first half of this episode focuses on Brock's background. In the second half of my interview, I ask Brock to speak about various aspects of the Bitcoin Foundation, which has faced its share of criticism in the past several years. SHOW LINKS Mike Hearn Exists Bitcoin L.A. Bitcoin Meetup (August 21, 2013) Sanctum Ultima Online Everquest Asheron’s Call IGE GoCoin Blockchain Capital Stampery Bitcoin Foundation Brock Pierce on Twitter MAGIC WORD Stay tuned for the magic word in this episode, and submit it to your LTB Network account to claim a share of this week's distribution of LTBCoin. Listeners have one week from the release date to claim the magic word credit. The magic word for this episode must be submitted by 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time on January 22, 2016. SPONSOR While much of Bitcoiners' time is spent in the world of digital assets, sometimes it's nice to own a physical representation of the virtual things you care about. For just the price of a cup of coffee or two (at Starbucks), you can own your own Classic Bitcoin Keychain or the newer Bitcoin Fork Pen. http://bkeychain.com http://bitcoinforks.com MUSIC All music in this episode of The Bitcoin Game was created by me. STAY IN TOUCH https://Twitter.com/TheBTCGame http://TheBitcoinGame.com [email protected] Thanks for listening! The Bitcoin Game box art was created from an illustration by Rock Barcellos. Bitcoin tipping address for this episode: 1JLWcXBGNhgTwp4hrr5yRCm6W7bi6bavw3
  11. An excellent interview. https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/the-bitcoin-game-32-brock-pierce
  12. Close the foundation?

    Yes, it is clear Jim want s the minutes AND his correspondence released. There is no reason to stall, is there?
  13. Close the foundation?

    I am pretty sure you are the "official channels" Bruce, so waiting for Jim to say t is Ok a second time is redundant.
  14. Close the foundation?

    This sounded important Jim. When do we see... "another communication of mine"?
  15. Close the foundation?

    Ok, so Jim is opposed to the audit, but has something to say... Great. Say it. Why in goodness would you want to wait until something is released through "official channels"? Somehow that is going to explain the recent past, which is more important than the distant past...ok. Please Jim, no politics. Release the hounds.