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  1. BF board meeting agenda requests

    Brad, Aside from trolls (and there are a lot), I would expect that Jinyoung and team would respond to all inquiries -- it's true they're pretty short staffed right now. Elizabeth just e-mailed out about this, so we'll confirm if we just have a gap in process, or there's something else happening.
  2. Soft hack around Apple's Bitcoin Ban

    From my talks with Apple (admittedly a year or so out of date), they just aren't going to approve Bitcoin payment apps. They gave me a public branding reason, which I believe. I also believe they're likely to launch a payment product at some point, which they didn't mention. I'm sure Apple would hate to have an appstore app responsible for say half a billion dollars of missing consumer value. It doesn't go with their brand. That's why I was musing on the enterprise license, those apps are directly distributed, and not available to the public.
  3. Soft hack around Apple's Bitcoin Ban

    This might work. I have been reading Apple's Enterprise Developer license, and it looks like they allow Enterprise developers to deliver code to their members and/or employees. So, one world could be -- Foundation members can have an iOS wallet. I can't imagine the attendant liability, but if the lawyers could get their heads around it, I would be into providing it through a Foundation enterprise license. Seems like a nice sidestep.
  4. DATA

    I've been talking to DATA for a while now, and pushing them hard on one area the Foundation hasn't met its goals -- the certification and standards piece for Bitcoin businesses. They are very focused right now on making nice with US regulators, which is fine by me, but I think the most valuable work that could be done with self-organized industry right now would be getting security, process, privacy and regulatory standards in place, call it Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, or Silver, Gold, Platinum, what have you. I had imagined our members would pull this together and then there'd be outside auditing groups that people could pay to get audited against standards, but we dropped the ball -- we didn't have enough staff to do that and the conference, and we weren't good at engaging the membership then. To Patrick's point, I don't really care who does this, we're open to good work from anywhere of course, and our members have tons of knowledge in this space. I just think we need these standards to unlock some of the business potential and help keep less savvy Bitcoiners safe and protected dealing with Bitcoin businesses.
  5. I like speculation like this, very interesting..
  6. Cool demo today at Foundation HQ in Seattle

    Hi all, Someone's booked some time for a demo of a new product today at our HQ: 71 Columbia St, Suite 300, Seattle, WA. He's buying pizza and beer and showing off his project. Come along if you like, but RSVP so we've got a pizza count. Sorry for the late notice, I've been trying to figure out how to get info like this out to the members.
  7. Set of best practices?

    CoinLab is working on the accounting stuff; our new CFO is putting together a rough set of plans for something that conceivably could be audited in case of IPO. We'll definitely publish what we've got when it's in shape. As far as security, I'm with Gavin -- I'd love it if some members would step forward and start polling Gox et al as to what they do and we could work on a sensible set of guidelines here in the forums, or in a working group. I think that one of the big barriers in bitcoin right now is that you have to trust the cash (BTC) controls of new startups. Ordinarily we have banks and stuff backing up cash control systems, even for a gut startup with one person working. So, I'm motivated to get these recommendations out there, and as a further step,
  8. Should the Bitcoin Foundation promote a specific Bitcoin logo?

    One practical matter -- press do ask us for logos occasionally. I think if we put out a logo it would become the de facto major press logo. One of the Bitcoin Foundation logos we rejected was a cool stylized lower-case b with lines, an alternate currency symbol. We rejected it because we didn't want to try and adjust or change where things are at as far as branding -- out of our launch purview for sure. For now, we've held off publishing one on the site as 'the' logo for press, but I would disagree politely with John and say that I think if the community came around a logo, it would be nice for many people if we promoted that logo. I also think some of the bitcoin logos look super sh*tty, but these are all idle speculations, it seems like more grants to the dev team are for the greatest good right now, rather than some money (or time, which equals money) into a 'good btc logo' process.
  9. Where is Bitcoin *most* successful?

    Porcfest 2012 was all bitcoin all the time; I lived on Bitcoins while I was there. That's a bit of a special case, though, I think. I think we need to wait for blockchain to create its square competitor for retailers to get on board. There's a big chicken and egg problem in retail, I'm not sure I see it getting cracked immediately. If it does, I am anticipating extremely low margin businesses, like gas stations and grocery stores first. Anywhere that payment fees beat earnings.
  10. What is the scope of this forum?

    Oops, double-posted with Gavin. Sounds like we have the same idea.
  11. What is the scope of this forum?

    Hi Mike, (I like seeing your face in the forum!) We talked through a couple possibilities. Gavin's "let's see what happens" ruled the day; if volume increases on the general forum, we'll add more. As a note, we decided to keep these totally blocked for non-members. Personally, I wish to discuss all things Bitcoin here rather than at bitcointalk. I'm craving thoughtful civil discourse, and I hope that we'll get it here, but in the end, I think the members should (and will) decide what to do here. Send on your suggestions!
  12. What about "Bitcoin Foundation Member" logo??!

    I think we specced this in our original design firm plans. Lindsay's traveling right now, but it's on her list for when she returns.
  13. How do YOU buy bitcoins?

    This seems super useful. I think it would be cool to have a price / time graph showing the different options on these axes. Maybe a reputability color score as well.
  14. Welcome Foundation Members! A Little About These Forums

    This is super exciting! I have nothing more to say here.