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  1. When is the next elections ?

    I'm not an election enforcer. I have volunteered to run elections when asked. That said, my opinion now is that elections are of negative value for the foundation and the board should look into abandoning elections. But if we are going to continue to hold elections, they should be transparent and above reproach.
  2. When is the next elections ?

    I dunno. I'm not convinced the elections really make things better. It brings out the worst in people. Bitcoin as a community is big enough now that we don't need to join forces as at the beginning. I'd recommend radically rethinking membership classes and the whole concept of elections.
  3. Close the foundation?

    I read it and discussed this with Charles by text message before you read it. Would you mind quitting the foundation? You contribute nothing and generally obstruct progress.
  4. Close the foundation?

    I volunteer David's services to perform the audit. That said, it's not worth my time…it's not even navel gazing…it's more like gazing at navels of others who no longer matter.
  5. Close the foundation?

    I'm calling this vote for shutdown business what I believe it is: silly nonsense. I won't volunteer my efforts for what I believe would be a ludicrous waste of time.
  6. Why I accepted to join the board

    Thank you for stepping up Francis!
  7. Member Elections and Governance

    When the foundation started, the general feeling was that the foundation would provide an online meeting place and members would be able to interact with each other and come up with projects of their own choosing. This spontaneous self-organization of members never really materialized and in fact many of our loudest and most non-contributory members complained about not having permission or blessing or encouragement or invitation from the board to take a particular action. It was never meant to be that way. We (members) were to come up with ideas and put them into action. If we needed something to help get it done, the board could be a resource (not just financially) to support that. The board had their own projects and the members were to have theirs. Our forums never turned into an inviting place for people to freely interact. We've had our share of obstructionist members who were given a leash long enough to strangle most other members. This was a mistake. Forum access is not a right. As Michael puts it, we are really an interest group. We should put certain elements of our digital community into the hands of the members. Is this the forum software we want? It cost a small fortune and I think it sucks. We may want a pretty front page made by a pro, but what about a server with accounts for members to spawn their own sub-sites (like committee work and whatnot). I don't have a clear vision of what a foundation turned interest group should be, but it should be something like a kitchen. It should be ingredients and ovens and let the members be the cooks. It shouldn't be a hierarchy with everyone standing around yelling at the board to do something. We have the forums…that's a start. But it's like having tomatoes and wanting to make spaghetti…we need a few more ingredients.
  8. Member Elections and Governance

    Well said Michael. Well said.
  9. Cody Wilson

    David, have you nothing better to do? This is beyond pointless. Also, you know I am not self appointed, but you state the opposite intentionally. I don't care why you make such strange choices. It simply doesn't matter.
  10. Cody Wilson

    He doesn't matter…he was very rude and I have no problem letting all potential voters see it.
  11. Cody Wilson

    It doesn't really matter.
  12. Board Seat Appointments

    Money left? I think essentially none.
  13. Nominee list

    Yes, let's have this be his confirmation.
  14. Central Banks and Block Size

    Interesting parallel. Both are largely hilarious discussions of little consequence. A quarter point hike vs a doubling of a trivial bandwidth:)
  15. Nominee list

    Colin Gallagher (confirmed) Cody Wilson