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  1. Nonsense, all except for the last part about demand. No middle man can prevent others from moving in, and thus also must perform their operations more efficiently over time. If the farmer is paying too much for seeds, capital will flow away from him and towards those who don't overpay, and his ability to act foolishly in the future will diminish. Ditto the speculator. If he is right, then he is helping society determine the proper price of food. If he is wrong, he will lose his ability to speculate. Ahh, now I understand. You are deeply confused. Inflation is not about stealing money. It is exactly the opposite. It is stealing value. Meditate on that until you understand it. Once you get it, and then think for a moment on the mechanism, then you'll see that your question answers itself.
  2. By golly, you are right. I guess that since free markets have never existed, we might as well just give up trying to move in that direction. Anyone have Stalin's phone number? Or Mao's? Natural deflation is natural because as humanity learns and invents, we improve our processes and techniques. The goal of progress is to be able to make the same stuff, but cheaper, and to make new stuff. There is less human labor embedded in a serving of corn today than there was 10 years ago, thanks to human progress. (The last 10 years was mostly about connecting GPS and GIS data to the guidance systems of tractors, enabling computer aided plowing, computer aided fertilizing, etc, and in matching the growing season requirements of the crops to the actual growing seasons.) The other way of saying this is that we expect everything to be cheaper next year because the we expect the people making it to be doing a better job of making each year. Of course, without honest money, we not only don't gain in the advantages of improved production, we actually pay more over time for everything. A (real) inflation rate of 5% means that your government or central bank (usually the same thing, more or less) is stealing half of all savings every 14 years. I congratulate you on mastering the sophistry required to convince yourself that theft stops being wrong if it is slow enough, but I think the rest of us would prefer it if you'd stop rationalizing it.
  3. Why you think the PKI sucks but can't do any better

    Like everything else, namecoin has two of the three points on the triangle. It is secure and decentralized, but not meaningful. I'm a big fan of namecoin, by the way. I just don't feel that it squares the triangle.
  4. Why you think the PKI sucks but can't do any better

    Not to get too far off on my tangent, but namecoin fails the human point of the triangle pretty hard. Mike even mentions it in his article. Also, for devices like the Trezor, you can't assume access to a trusted full namecoin node.
  5. Why you think the PKI sucks but can't do any better

    Good summary of the situation. If people are interested, searches for things like "PKI sucks" will reveal as many gigabytes of horror as they can stand to read. I'm not sure whether or not I want to disagree on the point about CA differences and the lack of market desire for better CAs. On one hand, I intentionally use a CA that is a huge pain in the ass to work with because they actually do all of the verification that other CAs forget to do after your check clears. So, clearly the desire for better CAs is not zero. On the other hand, I pay attention to the padlock icon, I understand WOT and PGP keys, etc, so I'm solidly in the nerd ghetto, and I get enough blank stares when I rant about PKI to understand perfectly well how small that ghetto really is. (The painful part is that the certificate I get from the good vendor is exactly the same, in practice, as a junk certificate from the other CAs would be. I'm actually paying extra money to be annoyed, with absolutely no gain to anyone at all.) One thing that you probably should have mentioned is Zooko's Triangle. It is a useful thought for people to have in their head as they ponder and read about PKI.
  6. WTB: Ignore button

    Seriously. Perhaps it is my own damn fault for having higher expectations here, but I think I find these forums more unpleasant to read than bitcointalk.org now.
  7. I would attach contact info so that people finding them later can reach you for a transfer. Of course, this means keeping them active by renewing them when they get close to expiration. Any chance that you are doing this on a linux box?
  8. Bitcoin sub units needed!

    Funny that you should pick that example. Nothing new has been said about that topic for 500 years either. They at least have the advantage that their corpus is not all in one place. Around here, it isn't even a matter of (not) searching for similar threads. They are right here on the front page, so the problem is people not scrolling down a couple of lines.
  9. Bitcoin sub units needed!

    I have two questions. 1. Why does anyone think that they get to decide now what other people are going to call things? 2. Why do people keep creating new copies of this ancient thread over and over again?
  10. No Chargebacks, All Transactions Final: Wont fly.

    This came up at the hearings. No panic from anyone in the room. It was even listed as a positive, allowing choice.
  11. BTC Price, Sustainability, and mBTC

    The problem there is that there is no smallest divisible unit. The protocol currently specifies one, but that is an implementation detail, and not a fundamental until of the system. The decimal had to go somewhere. Once placed, it is impossible to change, though we can adjust the precision to the right. Everything after that is just terminology. There are still nearly 7 billion people on the planet that have not heard of bitcoin. When they do, they will decide which words they want to use, not us. Can you imagine a council in Spain 500 years ago arguing over whether people should refer to the peso as a "dollar" or a "buck"? Or whether they should call the hundredth part of it a "cent" or a "penny"?
  12. BTC Price, Sustainability, and mBTC

    I'll never understand why so many people are so sure everyone else is so stupid that we will have no choice but to decide right now what units they should use and what name they should use for those units.
  13. You keep saying that bitcoin is untraceable, as if that were a property of the system, when it clearly is not. If bitcoin were untraceable, there would be no point to this discussion. But bitcoin can be traced. People are already doing it today. People are going to want to do it more in the future. Governments, in particular, are going to want to do a hell of a lot of tracking, because that is the world that they understand and it is going to take them a long, long time to come around to our way of thinking.
  14. You joined the foundation specifically so that you could gain access to these forums to give your opinion. But you didn't do your homework. You came here to complain about what people on the other forums told you was going on here ("B"). What you should have done was pause for a moment to educate yourself on what was really said, and the context it was said in ("A"). Very few people care what you think about "B", because "B" is a fiction made up by trolls. But congratulations, your opinion of "B" has been noted. For the record, most everyone here is also against "B". Despite the lies tossed around elsewhere, the foundation membership is almost entirely composed of people with very strong opinions in favor of decentralization, opposed to regulation, opposed to taint enforcement, in favor of freedom, etc. The foundation is not a secret cabal hell bent on handing control of bitcoin over to some government. Also, neither the foundation itself, nor any member or group of members, has any magical power to coerce people into accepting changes to the client or protocol. I'm pretty well known as an early lifetime member of the foundation, but you don't have to take my word for it. Now that you are a member, you can read everything here and see for yourself who we are and what we are all about.
  15. Except that very little of the discussion (there or here) is actually about what he wrote. Mostly it is the usual cast of instigators whipping up an angry mob, and the mob then being angry about something that they don't understand. Mike wrote about "A", and now you are here bitching about "B" because a group of people knew that a fraction of the bitcointalk mob can be counted upon to fly off the handle without bothering to think and understand the topic. Congratulations, you are today's winner sucker. Feel good about being used? P.S. If even 10% of the crap about this that I've read on the bitcointalk forums today were true, I'd be pissed off too. P.P.S. Context is important. The location of the topic in question has meaning. Why do you suppose it is in Law and Policy? Do you understand the bigger picture in and around that forum?