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  1. Bitcoin Foundation Manifesto

    Published yesterday and referenced in a recent CoinTelegraph article. ------- WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE BITCOIN FOUNDATION, BELIEVE THE FOLLOWING TO BE TRUE Fiat currency has been a poor long-term store of value, especially since the gold standard was abolished¹; Inflation encourages consumption and discourages savings and the sustain able use of limited resources; Traditional financial services, especially banking, are not inclusive for the 2.1 billion people that live in poverty (less than $3.10/day)²; Electronic payment processing times and fees are too high, an important reason why 85% of all commerce globally is still done in cash³; The financial services collapse of 2008 and subsequent banking system bailout caused substantial misery for the poorest of the global population, especially in developing economies⁴ ⁵; Losses associated with card fraud totaled $16.3 billion globally in 2014⁶, with more than half of this fraud occurring online⁷; Traditional banking and payments systems are not secure; Trust in traditional banking and financial services is at an all-time low⁸. Accordingly, we believe that every human has the following financial rights which should not be impeded by governments, regulators, financial institutions or other humans: The right to privacy in transactions that involve no harm to others; The right to keep your savings, or spend your money, anywhere in the world; The right to economic participation with or without a bank account; The right to economic participation with or without a credit history; The right to convert fiat currency into bitcoin and vice versa; The right to use bitcoin as a medium of exchange; The right to use bitcoin as a store of value. Further, Bitcoin is a technology project and community unlike any other – the technology is completely decentralized and the founder does not head up an organization that sets the strategy, governance and standards. This has created a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders that don’t all share the same vision for Bitcoin. We believe that The Bitcoin Foundation is uniquely positioned to facilitate communication, cooperation and integration towards a shared purpose. These rights and principles can be summarized as our Mission, Vision and Values. OUR MISSION The Bitcoin Foundation coordinates the efforts of the members of the Bitcoin community, helping to create awareness of the benefits of Bitcoin, how to use it and its related technology requirements, for technologists, regulators, the media and everyone else globally. OUR VISION Bitcoin will be a globally accepted method of exchanging and storing value which will operate without the need for third parties. OUR VALUES Privacy Guaranteed financial access Decentralization Autonomy Stable money supplies Financial inclusion ------ ¹ http://data.worldban.../FP.CPI.TOTL.ZG ² http://www.worldbank...overty/overview ³ http://www.mastercar...lessSociety.pdf ⁴ http://www.ippr.org/...df?noredirect=1 ⁵ https://www.cigionli...ask_force_1.pdf ⁶ http://www.businessw...h-16.31-Billion ⁷ https://payment-serv...a_en.ashx?la=en ⁸ http://www.pwc.co.uk...t-its-mojo.html
  2. Potential interview opportunities (ongoing thread)

    10) Summary: Has the Bitcoin Reached its No-Return Point? Name: Frederick Reese CoinDesk Category: Business and Finance Email: [email protected] Media Outlet: CoinDesk Deadline: 8:00 PM EST - 31 May Query: The Bitcoin is facing a double whammy. First, with more than half of the one million allocatable blocks already mined, the blockchain difficulty currently has made mining an unprofitable proposition for anyone except those that have the largest mining rigs, such as the mining networks that have emerged in China in recent years. Second, the high cost of the Bitcoin has made the cryptocurrency very unattractive to the everyday user and prohibitive for casual experimentation. This hard limit (the "one line of code") was intentionally added to prevent spamming once that blockchain was established, but this very same hard limit is now threatening to strangle the cryptocurrency's growth? Requirements: I am looking for a Bitcoin or blockchain expert or experts that can speak to this phenomenon. Is the concerns over the hard limit justified? Can a programming fix (like a hard fork) correct the problem or permanently collapse the cryptocurrency? Finally, if nothing is done, what can be expected from the cryptocurrency's growth and valuation in the future? 9) Summary: Blockchain/Bitcoin and the Middle East Name: justin stoltzfus Gulf News Journal Category: Business and Finance Email: [email protected] Media Outlet: Gulf News Journal Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 31 May Query: We're looking at the report (link below) and wondering about how blockchain works in the ME. https://www.zawya.com/story/ZAWYA20160518112955/ Requirements: Somebody with knowledge of blockchain/bitcoin
  3. I could't find my name on member list

    I'll follow up here since it still seems to be unresolved. Back in the day (say about 2014) there was a portal that allowed member registration, processed payments, added member names onto the public list, and auto-registered members for the forum. I believe all of that was logged into a membership database. Since then, that system was replaced (see thread about the payment system.) Seems that the member list updating is not functional. I recommend emailing Bruce Fenton ([email protected]) and referencing this discussion in order to get a more satisfactory answer to resolve this. In the meantime, welcome. I can help with anything forum-related.
  4. I wanted to mention that I recently gave the two new membership coordinators forum privileges so that they can participate on the forums. Please welcome Megan Duffield and Peter Bergstrom -- they are probably the best people to respond to membership logistics and the workflow related to membership payments. I'll ping them about this discussion and see if they want to chime in. The membership DB and forum member database aren't tied together at this point - so I don't know much about membership status, renewal, and so on. Those used to be handled by a membership system that no longer seems to be operational. As far as other operational questions, I think the best direction will come from Bruce or Amy.
  5. Bitcoin Foundation Board Meeting Minutes

    Future meeting minutes are being posted to the Foundation's blog here. http://bitcoinfoundation.org/bitcoin-foundation-board-meeting-minutes-7-21-15/ http://bitcoinfoundation.org/bitcoin-foundation-board-meeting-minutes-8-25-15/ http://bitcoinfoundation.org/bitcoin-foundation-board-meeting-minutes-9-16-15/ http://bitcoinfoundation.org/bitcoin-foundation-board-meeting-minutes-10-20-15/ http://bitcoinfoundation.org/bitcoin-foundation-board-meeting-minutes-11-18-15/ http://bitcoinfoundation.org/bitcoin-foundation-board-meeting-minutes-12-15-15/
  6. Close the foundation?

    I might as well chime in on the topic - I think an audit/ historical look at the organization would be one of the few things to bring back some credibility to the organization. That said, I see both David's point and Bruce's. If I were Bruce, I would try to focus funds where they could best be put to use today. A retrospective analysis would stem resources and limit the potential for doing impactful things today. Totally reasonable perspective from its most visible executive. If I were David, I'd want to know what happened to the group that has had its reputation change over the past two years. David is one of the most active posters to this forum and has pushed for this type of transparency for a long time. Again, a reasonable perspective. A consideration -- which option would bring in more future member revenue to sustain the organization? A Foundation that has put on successful events, perhaps at a small profit? or a Foundation that brought in a third party to document the various projects it attempted to get off the ground but could not complete? I could see that an audit could bring about some reflection and be a basis for improvement or acknowledgment of pivot and bring some needed closure. Which is a better investment in the future? That seems to be the question.
  7. Close the foundation?

    If there are things to discuss here, please do. I just saw things getting a little heated and don't consider it best for constructive conversation. I'm asking for people to think before they post. When posts happen at such a fast rate, conversation can jump off the rails quickly. It has happened here frequently. Please don't take it personally. I'd appreciate it if you not turn this into a fight about censorship. I would like to see productive conversation. I repped down Brian's inflammatory comment. In addition, I moved Mike Hayes into the "Former Member" category based on his previous statement about resigning. I thought he would stop posting after this but he didn't.
  8. Close the foundation?

    David - can you walk away from this thread for a bit? You've posted in here 15 times. There is far too much bickering in this back and forth for anything to get done.
  9. Close the foundation?

    Mod action: hid off-topic conversation/ responses. Please stay on topic.
  10. Cody Wilson

    Allow me to translate. This thread exemplifies bit of the tension with elections being coordinated by a volunteer member. Brian puts a hell of a lot of effort into the elections. It's not news that he is particular about the process. And like me running these forums, he has put in work just to see efforts misconstrued. Other times we have had carefully thought plans steamrolled by disconnected higher-ups. We do occasionally get thanked for our work when results show. But we are often easy targets of everyone's frustrations. I think OP is a reminder that volunteers are frustrated too. If we didn't care about it, we'd be gone. What Cody wrote wasn't particularly dignified and seems to align with some of the treatment volunteers have received here and is far from professional. So... a vote for Cody is a vote for the status quo in at least one dimension.
  11. Central Banks and Block Size

    Exhibit A: Central Bank Interest Rates first time in Seven Years Exhibit B: Bitcoin Block Size Debate Talk amongst yourselves.
  12. Statement from Bobby Lee on board meeting

    On dissolution... The relevant passage from the bylaws is here: From my cursory read, dissolution requires a unanimous vote from the board (nothing else is sufficient). This is a high bar, especially given details from the account of the last Board meeting from Bobby here. Section 5.4 of the bylaws discusses director vacancies: There is already a plan to have elections come up. Two seats will be up (Elizabeth's Individual seat and Micky's Industry seat). One new International seat will be added. Jim and Olivier's seat vacancies will need to be filled by the an election from the individual class. So that's 5 out of 7 future board seats. Assuming the new elections will be for all open seats, this will determine over 2/3 voting stake on the board.
  13. Off forum voter registration and campaigning

    Forum email has been restored. This means that notifications (e.g. personal messages, followed topics), password reset requests, and bulk mail sent from the forum admins will get to an inbox near you.
  14. Off forum voter registration and campaigning

    The forum software is supposed to send email for notifications and can do bulk mail to members. However, the reason for lack of notifications that some are noticing is because the forum email settings are failing. I was just alerted to this. I need to work with Bruce to either get our web host involved to send out emails via their servers and/or figure out why our previous SMTP provider isn't handling this (perhaps the Foundation dropped this service recently). Fixing this will restore email function to the forum, which is essential for keeping discussions going. I think we'll still need to consider workflow with regard to membership for Brian's purposes. And generally. New member signup and renewal notices were handled by the member portal. From my observations, that system would keep track of bitcoin payments, auto-register accounts on the forum and move members to the forum's "Former Member" group when dues went unpaid. I don't know the state of this, as the membership portal was handled by Foundation employees. Perhaps Bruce knows more about the current membership workflow - there are substantial gaps in my knowledge about member workflow outside of the forum software. If that functionality is now substantially different, then we'll have to figure out some stopgap measures so that there's a functional workflow. re: Forum account password resets, the forum software can handle this and send out these emails (once email is restored, see above). Email address changes - once a member is logged in - can be completed within each users' profile settings. But this too requires forum email working. We're doing it live!
  15. Off forum voter registration and campaigning

    Bruce, check your email - I found some misconfigurations with the forum settings that need some attention.