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  2. An important announcement for all Bitcoin Foundation Forum participants. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Llew Claasen and I was appointed as the Foundation's Executive Director in July 2016. The Foundation's mission is to coordinate the efforts of the members of the Bitcoin community, helping to create awareness of the benefits of Bitcoin, how to use it and its related technology requirements, for technologists, regulators, the media and everyone else globally. We have re-defined our Manifesto to align with our mission and launched a new website and member process in March 2017. The Bitcoin Foundation Forum served a great purpose in the past and earlier stages of Bitcoin, it provided a safe place to share information and debate views. As Bitcoin adoption has increased and garnered the attention of more people and governments globally, the conversation and debate have broadened and moved to more open and public forums like Bitcoin Talk, Reddit and Twitter. This is great progress for Bitcoin and we encourage all of you to partake in these public discussions. Because the conversation has moved on, participation in the Bitcoin Foundation Forum will be restricted and the forum will be closed in the coming months. A big thank you to all participants, moderators, and members for your contribution to the Bitcoin Foundation Forum. Where to from here? Some of you are already Bitcoin Foundation members and we appreciate your support. For those who aren't yet members, we recently updated our membership plans: Annual fee paid in Bitcoin ($100) Annual fee paid by credit card ($100) Monthly fee paid by credit card ($10) As a member of The Bitcoin Foundation you will be able to: Participate in the annual planning process for Bitcoin Foundation advocacy and training programs Receive access to exclusive discounts and special offers for foundation and partner events and products Access a dedicated members-only Telegram channel and a monthly newsletter Receive a monthly members-only financial & operational update report from the Executive Director And most importantly change the world! We look forward to welcoming new members to the Foundation. Yours in the service of Bitcoin, Llew Claasen
  3. 上帝说,要有光!
  4. Anyone going to these events ?

    Hello I leave tomorrow for Phoenix where I will stop by Florence Penitential to visit Morpheus aka Thomas Costanzo, the Bitcoiner arested for trading a lot on LocalBitcoin.com, Then to Las Vegas where I will spend time at Def Con, then Silicon Valley for the Fintech Week Silicon Valley 2017. If you are at any of those event, email me at [email protected] or send me a text at +1.718.701.0140 Theo Chino article78againstNYDFS.com Please donate: https://bitcoinfoundation.org/bitlicense-theo-chino/
  5. Thanks Collins for that article .... It seems that the last 4 month went like crazy. Well, the fight from ULC just took a new turn ..... I just sent about 8'000 emails to elected officials telling them that the ULC regulations were bad. Did you read this post from Coincenter ? https://coincenter.org/entry/the-ulc-s-model-act-for-digital-currency-businesses-has-passed-here-s-why-it-s-good-for-bitcoin The ULC never take on a contentious issue such as Bitcoin; and my lawyer sent a letter about it. If you read the interpretation. I think we have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves as the Bitcoin foundation. Theo Chino http://www.article78againstNYDFS.com/advocacy.php
  6. Jihan's motivations and the solution to the scaling debate

    This issue is being discussed (Jeff Garzic, Peter Todd, Greg Maxwell, Brian Hoffman participating among others) here: https://github.com/btc1/bitcoin/issues/8
  7. It seems to me that the solution to the scaling debate is for the community to call Jihan's bluff, i.e. to proceed with a UASF, or a hard fork if necessary, in a manner that 1) activates segwit and 2) eliminates ASICBoost. With or without a block size increase. (I'd be in favor of the 2MB increase, but I'd be happy to get SW even without an increase.) My reasoning is below, and I would be interested in any critiques of my reasoning. Unless I am mistaken, it seems obvious that Jihan's primary concern is to do whatever he can to preserve ASICBoost. The reasons that he gives for opposing Core's activation (i.e. that he wants a block size increase) are disingenuous. Pure smoke and mirrors. The real reason he opposes Core's version of Segwit is because it renders ASICBoost inoperable. The real reason that he supports Barry's 2MB + SW compromise is because it will be done in a way that preserves his ASICBoost advantage. Many well respected people in the community, Vinny Lingham for example, oppose any action that leads to a hard fork out of fear that we would end up with two competing versions of Bitcoin: the one with Segwit (minus ASICBoost), and the current one where ASICBoost remains active. The threat is that Jihan (not to mention Roger Ver) would continue to mine the non-SW chain. But it seems to me that this fear is misguided. Jihan may say that he would turn his mining power towards the non-segwit chain, but the simple fact of the matter is that the vast majority of users want segwit and would see the chain with segwit as the future. The price of Jihan's non-SW chain, with ASICBoost still active, would plummet relative to the price of the SW-activated, ASICBoost-incompatible chain. Jihan might threaten now that he would mine that chain, but the question is: why would he? He would be LOSING LOTS OF MONEY. Economically speaking, it would be a losing proposition for him to continue mining the less valuable chain. And so he wouldn't. End of story. If he says he would, he is bluffing. We should call his bluff. One way or another, we should activate SegWit, the sooner the better, even if we must hard fork to do it. And if we're going to hard fork, we may as well increase the block size to 2 MB while we're at it. And we should definitely eliminate ASICBoost, because if we don't, then Jihan will once again hold Bitcoin hostage against any improvement that would take away his advantage. Comments? Is there anything I am misunderstanding, facts I am misstating? If not, is there anything wrong with my reasoning? If not, what's the quickest and the best way to make this happen?
  8. Article posted to notehub here for VPN users, the article was originally posted to LinkedIn on May 5, 2017. This is a multi-state analysis, and thus the article is intended to cover the situation of what is going on across the United States as best as possible. Though it does not reference the recent Florida decision by legislators to send an anti-bitcoin bill to the Florida governor (that occurred roughly at the same time my article was published), my general opinion of the proposal in Florida is that it should be rejected, or challenged by technological and legal means if signed into law. Please feel free to copy and paste the article I have provided from either of the two links above into your blog or content areas that you develop and publish from. If you publish it, I ask only that you publish it unmodified and in full, with links and emphases intact, and that you credit me as the author as follows: "- Colin Gallagher is a member of Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Boards (Complex Systems, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, New Money Systems, and Philosophy) and the Bitcoin Foundation's Education Committee. He encourages decentralization of the giving process through support and adoption of the ABIS project ( http://abis.io )." -Cheers, -cg
  9. Help Defeat California's proposed version of Bitlicense

    Hello once again! If you have been following bitcoin news, you will know that a certain California legislator has proposed a bitlicense for California - again. This will be the third time that we have had to fight (and defeat) bitlicense in California! But it's not only California that is dealing with these issues. As a result, I've written a comprehensive article on the various states where a bitlicense in some form is either being considered, or in some cases, has actually been (or is in the process of being) repealed! And in at least one state (New York), a bitlicense is being challenged in court, which is also covered in the article below. Here's the link -- enjoy the article and share it widely! Note: If you couldn't view the content at the above link for any reason, it is also posted here.
  10. Unable to set a thumbnail image

    On my profile . no matter what i do (gravitar, import via URL, or upload) it wont set an image for me ... I've tried PNG, less than 150kb .... 210 pixels, etc etc etc....
  11. Cause of Forum FAIL

    Why are the forums dead? Well it would help if there were a link to the forums on the Bitcoin foundation home page. If you're thinking to yourself: "There is a link, idiot" Then take this as feedback from a regular end-user that it is not obviously located, and should be. I think this forum could be revived at this point. The "popular" locations for communication have become toxic to say the least.
  12. Hello, Would the Canadian Bitcoin foundation organize of fundraiser to defeat the NY Bitlicense that is used as a model around the world and help organize other around the world with a Non US perspective of why the fight in NY is important for all Virtual C everywhere ? Thanks. Theo http://www.article78againstnydfs.com
  13. Elections 2017

    I have not seen any notice for the 2017 elections .....
  14. All the case documents including the transcript of the hearing in Justice Billings are posted on the website. http://www.article78againstnydfs.com/raw.php
  15. Cause of Forum FAIL

    These debates are all political and some people have aversion to politics but also the history that we experienced in the last 9 years. History can't be changed and there are those of us who left to "redeem" themselves from the history. I turn my head toward Coin Center mission statement: https://coincenter.org/about "promote a regulatory climate" For two years we have seen what the regulatory climate look like. It's literally a clusterf*** ! So the forum failed because of the "Oil Snake" peddled by those that used to be in the foundation and left to cleanse themselves of the supposed sins of this foundation. Mark Karpelès, Charlie Shrem, Roger Ver, etc ... are part of the Bitcoin history. They might have done stupid thing or they were not able to manage something bigger than themselves for lack for training doesn't mean that the whole foundation need to be spat on. The foundation is not dead.
  16. Hello, The pundits of the underground hacker culture who do have a show on 99.5 FM in New York invited a real lawyer to explain my case on the Radio. He think we have a leg to stand up. https://soundcloud.c...16/off-the-hook I am trying to get the ex French cabinet member deputy of digital affair to listen to the show. To help me raise the awareness, could you retweet my tweet to her ? https://twitter.com/TheoBitcoin/status/847832105786765317 The lawyer is Alex Urbelis, and according to his bio, he has done a lot in the Internet and he is from New York. http://blackstone-la...ander-j-urbelis Regards, Theo Chino http://www.article78againstNYDFS.com 2600: The Hacker Quarterly is an American seasonal publication of technical information and articles, many of which are written and submitted by the readership, on a variety of subjects including hacking, telephone switching systems, Internet protocols and services, as well as general news concerning the computer "underground". With origins in the phreaking community and late 20th century counterculture, 2600 and its associated conference transitioned to coverage of modern hacker culture, and the magazine has become a platform for speaking out against increased digital surveillance and advocacy of personal and digital freedoms. - https://en.wikipedia...acker_Quarterly
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