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Financial Crypto 2014 Conference Impressions

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#1 Gavin Andresen

Gavin Andresen


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Posted 07 March 2014 - 11:58 PM

In the spirit of more member communication...

I'm decompressing in my hotel room after the Financial Crypto 2014 conference (18'th annual; they've been doing this for a while, always in someplace sunny during the winter).

It was a small (150? 200? people) 5-day academic conference; 4 days of talks (really less than that, a couple of afternoons were reserved for enjoying the nice Carribean weather) and then workshops. All the talks are at the conference website: http://fc14.ifca.ai/

The Foundation was a sponsor this year, and will very likely be a sponsor next year; the running joke was for any talk NOT about Bitcoin to find some way to tie it to Bitcoin...

The last day there were two workshops, one on homomorphic encryption and another on Dogecoin (KIDDING :)  ). See the workshop schedule for links to those papers: http://fc14.ifca.ai/...in/program.html

Surprisingly, nobody talked about Dorian Nakamoto at all (ALSO KIDDING... poor Jinyoung was working almost non-stop while she was here).

Seriously, I knew the conference was absolutely the right place to be when I spoke with Gabriel Abed (see http://www.nationnew...-to-the-region/ ) about his struggles to open a Bitcoin exchange on his home island of Barbados. He said he was so happy to see serious academic attention to Bitcoin, and the fact that world-renowned cryptographers are paying serious attention to it gives so much credibility when answering the typical "It is a Ponzi Scheme" or "It is not real money" arguments we all hear.

So, if I know the Internet, trolls will come out with "Foundation Boondoggle in the Carribean" stories. I think this was exactly the right place for us to be, and exactly the right conference to sponsor.

I'll be seeing a lot of people who attended this conference again in a couple weeks at the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Conference in Princeton: https://citp.princet.../event/bitcoin/

#2 Brian Goss

Brian Goss


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Posted 08 March 2014 - 12:41 AM

Thanks chief.  Sounds like the right group of people to learn from and teach.

#3 Matt Mihaly

Matt Mihaly


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Posted 08 March 2014 - 09:18 PM

Thanks for the update Gavin.

#4 Christopher Eli Wilmer

Christopher Eli Wilmer


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Posted 09 March 2014 - 02:12 AM


Your comments remind me about all of the serious attention Bitcoin has been getting recently from academic economists (KIDDING :))

Some day...