Livin' & Breathin' Bitcoin in México City! #TravelBitcoin Pt. 2

Join me for a full day in beautiful Mexico City to see how I live and breathe bitcoin!
First, I check the bitcoin-peso exchange rate. In Mexico, it’s possible to check the currency rate from a fantastic online platform [Bitapeso](, which also offers an app where I can easily use it on my phone. I got distracted by the smell of tacos al pastor from next door and I’m not quite sure if it’s because the hunger started to kick in or if it’s the total excitement of knowing that I’ll be using only bitcoins for the entire day. This gives me butterflies just as if I were in love.
Without wasting any time, I visit [Bitso](, one of the first (or the first) Mexican Bitcoin Exchange House, where I change my $1,000 pesos to bitcoins. After purchasing my $1,000 pesos worth of bitcoin with approximately 2% fee, saving close to $9 USD in a single transaction, I sadly imagine what $9 USD means for millions of Mexicans and their families in the US when they send money back home. The average remittance between the US and Mexico is close to $250 USD, with fees of $12 USD. In the US, more than $22 billion USD is brought to Mexico each year.
A certain question keeps popping up in my head. If this is really the case and Bitcoin could help many sectors, especially in regards to remittances, why is there so much restraint? Are there way too many political interests? Whatever it may be, I’m hungry so I’d rather focus on that for now. Since I already have bitcoins in my Coinbase wallet, I decide to head over to a close-by 7-Eleven near Torre Mayor and grab coffee and a donut.
7-Eleven has around 1,500 stores in Mexico, where they accept [Pademobile]( as a payment option. Pademobile is a mobile wallet that allows its users to have a prepaid balance, link banking cards, and of course have a Coinbase account where you can pay using only your cell phone in the Pademobile network. As I enjoy my coffee, I stop and think what I just did… I’ve just paid $22 pesos, a transaction in local currency using bitcoins that was super easy, fast and safe! I must follow bitcoin’s generous spirit and share my Sunday with more people, but I can’t call anyone because I ran out of credits! I, as well as 85% of the Mexican population use a prepaid cell phone and have to constantly refill my balance with more credits. Since I live in the middle of Chapultepec, there is nowhere nearby to purchase these credits and moving would certainly not be an option.
Instead, I can use my bitcoins to purchase more credits through SMS (luckily I had enough credit for 1). I can easily send the message, “AIRETEL 100″ and just like that I’ve added $100 pesos to my phone using Pademobile. I’m back! Everyone’s phones must’ve been on silent when I called because no one picked up. I decide to text them instead using [Exchange Messenger](, the first chat (integrated with Telegram) that allows you to send money, gift cards, mobile top ups and more, as part of a conversation; all of this due to the fact that it is also integrated with the Pademobile Platform.
[![RNogales](]( Simply put, not only was I able to spend the entire day using bitcoins, but I enjoyed this wonderful city and saved a significant amount of money. If you think about it, that multiplied by the 365 days a year and a growing bitcoin community in Mexico, the savings in fees could be substantial. I could tell you how the rest of my day went, but I think that’s enough for now