A few important notes from the Bitcoin Foundation:

  • DEVCORE WORKSHOP, OCTOBER 16, San Francisco: Please attend the DevCore Workshop: “Developing the Developers” on October 16th, at Draper University.

    Faculty includes:

    Core Dev Greg Maxwell of Blockstream
    Core Dev Matt Corallo
    Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Author of Mastering Bitcoin
    Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation
    Core Dev Jeff Garzik
    Charlie Lee of Coinbase
    Michael Perklin of the Cryptocurrency Certification ConsortiumTickets are only $150, $100 for Bitcoin Foundation members, and $25 for students.  Corporate sponsorships are also available for only $1000 or $5000.  Please also spread the word on social media and though email.  Reserve your ticket now at https://bitcoinfoundation.org/devcore-workshop/ Sponsors include ChangeTip, Tally Capital and BTC Media.
  • WEBSITE:  Please visit the beta of the new website at bitcoinfoundation.org and stop in to the forums and participate in discussion — the new site is designed to be more interactive and allows easier contribution of content:  if you have a paper, article or other material you’d like to share, please let us know.  The development is still in beta for the new format, so please report any bugs.
  • COMMITTEES: Strong committees are great for helping Bitcoin and the mission of the foundation – committees such as Regulatory Affairs, Education and others have contributed greatly.  We think there is a need for more work in fostering communication about development and this could be a solid committee.  If you have an idea for a committee or would like to join one, please let us know.
  • DEVELOPMENT & COMMUNICATION:  One area we’ve been thinking about a lot recently and which was discussed at last week’s board meeting is the need for improved communications related to core development.  It’s important for members of the community, investors, and CEOs to know and understand what’s going on in core development.  We think this is a great role for the foundation to take on, and will have some announcements soon.
  • ELECTIONS:  Elections will be announced in the near future.  Please consider running or nominating any excellent candidates you know of.
  • MEMBERSHIP & SPONSORSHIPS:  Please make sure your membership is current.  If you are a corporation, please consider increasing your membership level.  Every contribution helps.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT STUDY:  Board member Jim Harper is leading a Bitcoin risk management study. You may know that the last such study completed by the Bitcoin Foundation, predicted the importance of the blocksize discussion. Participation in the asset characterization and risk characterization phase of the study is still open to Bitcoin Foundation members here.
  • BITCOIN FOUNDATION SPEAKERS BUREAU:  We’ve started a free service for meeting organizers who would like to have high quality Bitcoin speakers appear at their events.So far, speakers include:
      • Jeffrey Tucker
      • Perianne Boring
      • Nic Cary
      • Andreas M. Antonopoulos
      • Nick Sullivan
      • Roger Ver
      • Vinny Lingham
      • Erik Voorhees
      • Matt Rozak
      • Connie Gallipi
      • Elizabeth Ploshay McCauley
      • Bobby Lee
      • Brock Pierce
      • Jim Harper
      • Paul Snow
        and others.

    The service is free for both speakers and meeting planners. If you know a meeting planner, spread the word. If there are great speakers we should add, or if you would like to join let us know. To qualify you must either have an endorsement from one board member or the Executive Director, or have a video of a Bitcoin speaking engagement which we can review.

  • THE FUTURE:  Like Bitcoin itself our organization has faced change and hurdles.  We are excited about the future and how we can all work together to help Bitcoin.


Bruce Fenton
Executive Director