Bitcoin Foundation Appoints Llew Claasen as Executive Director

  Llew Claasen (Monday, June 20. – Toronto.).  Today, at the Blockchain Training Conference / DEVCORE Toronto, the Bitcoin Foundation announced the appointment of Llew Claasen as Executive Director, effective July 1. Llew brings many years of international tech experience and project management skills.  He was elected by a board of directors vote on June 14. Claasen […]

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Previous Candidates Lingham, Perklin, Pouliot Appointed to Board – Draft Mission Statement Approved for Comment

Today the Bitcoin Foundation Board of Directors took the following actions: 1. Created an International Member seat and appointed the runner up from the previous industry election, Vinny Lingham, to this seat.  Approved unanimously. 2. Created two new individual member seats and appointed the next two runners up from the 13 candidates in that election […]

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Update to Members and the Bitcoin Community

A few important notes from the Bitcoin Foundation: DEVCORE WORKSHOP, OCTOBER 16, San Francisco: Please attend the DevCore Workshop: “Developing the Developers” on October 16th, at Draper University. Faculty includes: Core Dev Greg Maxwell of Blockstream Core Dev Matt Corallo Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Author of Mastering Bitcoin Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation […]

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Update to the Board – Week Two

Below is a similar update to one I sent by email to the board this week. I’ve removed some information about pending partnerships, discussions with members and deals as well as discussions about personnel and compensation. I’ve changed some wording to make it better formatted for public viewing. Members of the Board: Update (Please […]

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Bitcoin Foundation Transparency & Governance

This week we are happy to announce a major initiative in governance and transparency for the Bitcoin Foundation. In recent discussions with members, corporations and the community, transparency was the most commonly mentioned item discussed by people seeking improvement at the foundation. What does transparency mean? The term mess different things to different people. […]

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The Bitcoin Foundation Welcomes Bruce Fenton as Executive Director

Today, the Bitcoin Foundation welcomed a new Executive Director, Bruce Fenton. Bruce Fenton is pleased to step into this new role to strengthen the Foundation and continue to work with individual and industry members. The Bitcoin Foundation Board had a vote of 5 ayes to 1 abstain to support Bruce in taking on this […]

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Bitnet Joins the DevCore London Lineup

We’re excited to announce Bitnet as our supporting sponsor! Bitnet provides enterprise-scale digital currency platforms for global businesses. “With just a few weeks to go, DevCore London is already shaping up to be a great event. The day will provide an open forum for the community to share ideas and learn from some of […]

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Let’s Brand Crypto!

by Guest Blogger Chantel Meeley, Head of Marketing & Creative, Vogogo Cryptocurrency, arguably one of the most compelling new technologies of our time, is quickly making its way into the mainstream. While Bitcoin has gained the greatest traction to date, there are over 650 different Crypto Coins in existence. As a result, the vast […]

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Bitnodes Project 2015 Q1 Report: Peer Index and Incentivized Full Nodes

By Guest Blogger Addy Yeow, Creator of Bitnodes Project Earlier this year, the Bitnodes project introduces Peer Index or PIX as a way to measure the desirability of a full node in the Bitcoin network. PIX is a necessary measurement for us to learn more about the number of full nodes that are actually […]

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Turning the Corner

by Patrick Murck, Executive Director When I took over as Executive Director in November, my goal was to get the Foundation running like a business. That is, if we focused on building value in the community, the market would reward us with the funding we need to sustainably meet our mission. But we faced […]

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