Bitcoin 2014 // 15-17 May // Amsterdam Register

We're All Part of the Same Chain.

Every one of us is affected by this technology.

As members of the Bitcoin community, we’re each tied to this network in our own way. Whether it’s because we have built a business around Bitcoin, need it to make international transfers, or are simply involved in speculation, we all want this technology to succeed.

As the Bitcoin economy has evolved, we have all noticed barriers to its widespread adoption—botnets that attempt to undermine the network, hackers that threaten wallets, and an undeserved reputation stirred by ignorance and inaccurate reporting.

To us, it became clear that something had to be done. We see this foundation as critical for bringing legitimacy to the Bitcoin currency. Only then can we increase its adoption and positive impact on the world’s finance.

Our Vision: A Peer-to-Peer Organization

We are determined to keep Bitcoin rooted in its core principles: non-political economy, openness and independence. While we aim to advance standards and security, we remain strong advocates of the liberating power of decentralized money. Our goal is to act as both an organizing body for Bitcoin and simultaneously be inclusive of the general Bitcoin community. Only then will our mission succeed.