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Governance Structure


The Bitcoin Foundation's governance structure is designed around the idea of member participation, and it is split by class. Each membership class has the right to vote for board representation. The Board is currently structured with five seats. Two seats are elected by the Individual member class. Two seats are elected by the Corporate member class. One seat is elected by the Founding member class.


Board seats are held for a two-year term, (unless a board member is removed or resigns; read the bylaws for more details) and each class is responsible for holding a general election and designating the board members on or before the first board meeting after the end of the term.

The first term will end December 31, 2014

Initial Composition

At inception, the board consists of:

Board Member Requirements

Although not part of our bylaws, the board has agreed to require any elected board member be an Individual member in good standing, that any business conducted is conducted openly using their real identity, and that they pass a background check for felony conviction.

Why This Structure?

As a group, we felt sure that we wanted to represent both commercial and individual interests in the community. We also wanted a structure flexible enough to adjust to the community's input. Each of the board members is extremely busy with their own business, or Bitcoin related activities, and it takes time to learn to work together as a group, so we felt that a medium introductory term made sense during launch.

It is our hope that each membership class will spend some time discussing how it would like to run internal governance with its representative board members in the near term.

It should be obvious that there is far more work to be done for the Foundation than five people can do; we expect many, many opportunities for participation to arise as the Foundation launches.

How to Get Involved

Contact ([email protected]) and register your interest by telling us a little bit about your skills and interests. We will be in contact with volunteers over the fall of 2012 with requests for help and participation, from volunteer work to committee participation.