The Bitcoin Foundation is the oldest and largest group in the Bitcoin industry.

Our focus is to foster education, engage in advocacy, increase adoption and encourage development of bitcoin and blockchain technology worldwide. Our membership includes a who’s who of prominent individual and corporate members with several international chapters.

We have set out on a journey to change lives through the power of Bitcoin. And we are dedicated to its development, safety, and promotion. From the damp streets of Delhi to the modern offices of Amsterdam, New York, and Hong Kong, this vehicle capable of moving us to a new moment in history belongs to each person. All of us should have a say.

As we move forward, our focus is on the necessities of any technology in its infancy: standardization, protection, promotion, and decentralization. These areas ensure the growth and maturation of Bitcoin. From a vulnerable platform, susceptible to parties whose work undermines the potential for good, to an independent source of freedom and promise.

We continue to reach out to the best and the brightest—those whose work has led to revolution within their own industries throughout the world. They arrive not as spokespersons or analysts, but as workers dedicated to expansion measured in positive impact. They work alongside us to ensure we are always striving for the best possible outcome. Together, our work serves, not as a talking point or a fight for control, but as a reflection of our desire to build a stable economic landscape.