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Core Development Status Report #2

Since my last status update the core development team has continued to make steady progress. We have no spectacular new world-changing features to announce, but that should be expected– in my experience, the best way to be successful is to try to make steady progress towards your goals every day. But expect that reaching [...]

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Open Source Governance

I’ve found that the most effective organizations embrace the notion that they are engaged in a conversation with a community of like-minded individuals and allow that conversation to help discover meaningful goals and illuminate the path to achieving those goals. In order to have a meaningful conversation an organization needs to be transparent when [...]

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Call for Papers: Journal of Peer Production

Our friends at the Journal of Peer Production have put out a call for papers for a special issue of the Journal focused on P2P currencies and value, and we encourage members of the Bitcoin community to contribute. Proposal submission of under 500 words are due by January 28, 2013. Accepted submissions will be [...]

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International Bank Transfers: Banks' Ugly Secret and Why Bitcoin Really Matters

Working for the largest Bitcoin exchange with customers around the world gives us an insight that few, other than banks, may have on how international wire transfers work. The first misconception that many of us may have, myself included when I first came to work for Mt.Gox, was that everyone could create a bank [...]

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Announcing Bitcoin Foundation Grant Proposal Process

The Bitcoin Foundation is soliciting grant proposals to further its mission to standardize, protect, and promote bitcoin. We plan to review proposals on a quarterly basis, with the first grant submission deadline being February 15, 2013. To be considered for a grant, please submit a proposal in writing to the foundation with the following [...]

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Web Developer Needed

The Bitcoin Foundation is looking for a web developer to help make updates and additions to the foundation’s website. We are looking for someone with the following experience: HTML/CSS/javascript/web development experience Some Python and/or PHP programming Comfortable working at a bash shell prompt on a server Some experience with version control systems – ideally [...]

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Happy Halving Day!

We at the Bitcoin Foundation we very excited about the first Halving Day! The 210,000th block was completed at 11/28/2012 at 15:24:38 UTC, and, from that point on, only 25 BTC will be issued per block found. So far, Bitcoin prices are up 1% since close of business yesterday, and prices have risen more [...]

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Member Update

First and foremost — wow!! We have members! Thank you all for the trust and work. Our first two months garnered over 200 individual members, 5 corporate members, and a number of larger donations from those who just wanted to help. It’s an amazing testament to the Bitcoin community that we saw this sort [...]

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Why Support The Bitcoin Foundation

Since the nonprofit Bitcoin Foundation launched in September 2012 I have been asked many times by potential sponsors, “Why would our organization want to support bitcoin and the foundation?” The answer lies in the primary benefits that bitcoin enables in society and those benefits are not always so easy to recognize at first. As [...]

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SatoshiDice donates proceeds from Bitcoin Friday

We want to give a huge thanks to SatoshiDice for donating all proceeds from their Bitcoin Friday promotion to the foundation. The donation totaled 402.33 BTC, and will be a huge boost toward advancing the foundation’s efforts. Cheers, SatoshiDice! Bitcoin Friday was a great success overall – more than 50 merchants participated. Congratulations to [...]

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