How To Help Bitcoin Users In Just A Few Hours

By Guest Blogger: David Harding, Volunteer Coordinator and Co-Author of Developer Documentation at In the last three months, has served over 7 million page views. Two million page views alone went to popular new-user resources such as theGetting Started page and the Choose Your Wallet page. A not-insubstantial 90,000 page views went [...]

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Blockchain Title Sponsor at DevCore v2 in London

DevCore continues with v2 in London with Title Sponsor Blockchain! “We’re excited to support the Foundation’s core focus on the development of the Bitcoin Protocol. With DevCore London, the Foundation is making an exciting commitment to the global capital of FinTech that we’re proud to participate in,” adds Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain. #DevCore [...]

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Snapshot: MIT Bitcoin Club & MIT Bitcoin Expo

Introducing our guest blogger Jinglan (her friends call her Jing) Wang, a junior at Wellesley College, studying studio art and CS. She is often found on the MIT campus taking math and computer science classes as part of her degree. She is also working on developing a cryptocurrency course at Wellesley and serves as [...]

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Election Results

Introducing the two newest board members, elected by the Bitcoin Foundation’s annual and lifetime members: Olivier Janssens is a libertarian/voluntaryist and a big fan of decentralization. He’s an early adopter of Bitcoin and considers it the most important development since the internet. He’s very active in supporting projects that enhance freedom and have donated [...]

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Voting on the Blockchain – Version 1.0

For the past several weeks, the Bitcoin Foundation has been working to develop an on-blockchain voting system that provides even greater transparency into the voting process -- with every vote being recorded on the blockchain. “The Foundation's mission is to advance blockchain technology and this is an important new avenue of innovation,” said Patrick [...]

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Runoff Election Reboot

ATTENTION We are rebooting the runoff election and members will receive an email from Helios to vote. Ballots cast on Swarm are not valid. Members who cast a vote via Swarm already will need to recast their votes using Helios. Members will receive Helios emails by end of day today (Wednesday, February 25, 2015 [...]

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Conference Economics

Last week Gavin, myself and a small group of bitcoin enthusiasts gathered in Boston for the launch of our DevCore conference series. The focus of DevCore is to "develop the developers" and make the Bitcoin Core project more accessible for people who want to contribute and participate in the open source project. We also [...]

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Election Runoff

The ballots are in and the votes have been counted! Candidate # of Votes % Approval (out of 323 votes cast) Olivier Janssens 151 46.7% Jim Harper 133 41.2% Bruce Fenton 100 30.9% Michael Perklin 97 30% Francis Pouliot 79 24.4% Cody Wilson 69 21.3% Colin Gallagher 63 19.5% Jeremy Gardner 62 19.1% Vinny Lingham [...]

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We Have Quorum!

Within 24 hours of opening the polls on Friday, February 13, 2015, over 183 Bitcoin Foundation members voted, reaching quorum. Quorum is the minimum number a group needs in order to make the proceedings, whether it is a meeting or a vote, valid. At the time of this writing, 246 out of 364 eligible [...]

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What’s in Bitcoin Core Version 0.10.0?

The latest 0.10 release of Bitcoin Core brings a host of improvements and new features that are sure to benefit all Bitcoin users in some way, from the most casual mobile users to large-scale service providers. Rather than trying to enumerate all of these changes, making them hard to digest, here we’ll split them [...]

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